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latest news Miami native returns home to report Surfside condo collapse

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My father always reminds me that no one is a prophet in their own country.

Come to think of it, he might actually be an authority figure in this matter, just like everyone else in my family. Although they were born in different corners of the world, when my parents and grandparents were my age, they had abandoned their homeland.

My maternal grandparents were Basque survivors of the Spanish Civil War. As a child, my grandfather was sent to an orphanage in France while his older siblings stayed behind to fight General Francisco Franco who overthrew the government. My paternal grandparents were first generation Cubans, their parents had traveled to the Caribbean island sometime after World War I.

My mother was born in Spain but grew up in Venezuela. My father is a Sephardic “Jew” and a former political prisoner. In 1979 he was exiled twice, once to Europe and then to the United States.

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