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A driver fled the scene of an early morning accident in Anaheim that left three people dead in the mutilated wreckage, authorities said.

A white Mercedes and a black Kia compact SUV collided just before 3 a.m. on Brookhurst Street near Orange Avenue, sending debris hundreds of feet away and starting a small fire, according to Police Sgt. ‘Anaheim. Shane Carringer.

Three men from the Kia, all considered adults, were pronounced dead at the scene. They have not yet been identified, Carringer said.

By the time the police arrived, the driver and passenger of the Mercedes had fled. The two women, both in their 20s, were later found in a hospital.

A woman suffered serious injuries that required surgery, Carringer said. The other woman suffered moderate injuries. Officers did not confirm who the driver was, he said.

“You have an obligation to remain on the scene if you are a driver,” Carringer said. “So we’ll try to find out why they fled the scene.”

The driver could face charges including hit and run and manslaughter, he added.

“To give you an example of the severity of deterioration and damage to this car, it’s almost impossible to tell. [who was sitting where]Carringer said of the Kia. “They just got run over inside the car.”

The cause of the crash is unclear, but speed could be a factor. The debris field appeared to be about 300 feet long.

“It looks like the Mercedes was going pretty fast,” Carringer said. “What is that speed, I don’t know.”

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