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CINCINNATI – They don’t remember the names.

How could they? Ann and Al Hill have taken in around 100 girls, mostly teenage girls, for nearly three decades. What they remember, and in some cases what they will never forget, are the streets where the girls moved after they left.

Because they visited them.

Their daughters had gone to college and their home in Cincinnati felt empty. For the hills, it wasn’t a big deal. To hear them say it, bringing strangers home and caring for them – as if they were their own children – was no more difficult than a trip to the grocery store.

This is what makes the hills remarkable: they don’t think they’ve done anything special.

latest news 53-year-old married couple in Cincinnati, Ohio raises 100 adopted daughters

Al sits by their front porch, soaking up the sun on one of Cincinnati’s first great spring days. Hanging from the roof is a sign that says, “Remember to entertain strangers.”

Not many people on their streets are strangers to Al, but he waves to them anyway. When his wife comes out, Al places his chair on the porch in the shade. At 79, he has difficulty walking. Ann is 78 years old. Until last year, they were still in foster care.

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