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Shortly after the Vietnamese restaurant Pho Bac closed in December, regulars began to worry about the message on the door: “We will be temporarily closed for equipment upgrades to meet service standards. ‘fire.”

“It breaks my heart …” wrote a Yelp review in January.

“Do they plan to open again?” State reader David Bell asked in a recent email. “This is the best pho broth (and the broth is where it’s at), lovingly made by some of the nicest people around.

More than four months after the shutdown, the return of Pho Bac, 7700 W. Goddard Road, doesn’t seem likely – but it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

Pho Bac is located near Capital High School at 7700 W. Goddard St. in Boise.

Owner Anne Nguyen, the friendly face of the mom-and-pop restaurant, would like to reopen, she said.

“I miss my customers a lot,” Nguyen explained over the phone. “They are so sweet.”

But she can’t find a cook. Boise restaurants are struggling to hire employees during the pandemic.

“I make all the soup,” explained Nguyen, who also serves on tables, washes dishes and interacts with customers. “We have a lot of things. I can’t do it myself.

Opened in 2011, Pho Bac has become a quasi-institution for authentic pho in the Treasure Valley. Yelp reviews called it a “gem.” They praised Nguyen’s warm “mom vibe” – a beloved aspect of the family experience. “If it’s crowded, maybe she’s a little frantic,” wrote one reviewer, “but she’s super sweet and the food is definitely worth it.”

Problems arose in late 2020. An inspection of the Boise Fire Department found “life safety issues with unauthorized propane and electrical work along with other violations,” the door said. lyrics by Haley Williams.

Last News   The Boise Fire Department closed this restaurant “ gem ”.  Will he come back?

A sign indicating the temporary closure has been on the door for months at Pho Bac.

The fire department temporarily closed the restaurant, Williams said in an email, while immediate concerns were addressed. A plan was quickly put in place for the reopening of Pho Bac while other fixes were completed. Unfortunately, in the meantime, Pho Bac’s cook has gone to work elsewhere, Nguyen said.

Nguyen has been approached about the potential sale of the building. And the family has been in contact with a real estate agent. But selling would mean giving up what Nguyen loves: handing over steaming bowls of pho, tasty egg rolls and delicious stir-fries to grateful customers.

“I miss them a lot,” she said. “I miss them a lot. … If I find someone to work for me, I want to reopen.”

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