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Last News Texas Ice Cream Trucker Instagram Showing Serving Children Leads To Jail, Federal Government Says

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Selling the treats to children did not violate any federal law.

This is what authorities said they spotted on live video of an ice cream truck driver who drove him to jail.

In February, 21-year-old Jason Sibley filmed himself on Instagram serving ice cream to children in the Beaumont, Texas neighborhood. Local police who watched the video saw a silver and black handgun inside the vehicle and went looking for the ice cream truck, officials said.

When officers found Sibley sitting in the truck, he threw something over her shoulder and they heard the sound of a metal clattering, officials said. Officers reported finding a 9mm Smith & Wesson in the back of the truck.

Sibley was not allowed to have a gun because he had previously been convicted of unauthorized use of a vehicle, officials said.

In May, Sibley pleaded guilty in Texas federal court to a banned person in possession of a firearm. A judge sentenced him Thursday to 33 months in prison.

“The conduct in this case is particularly egregious because the firearm was possessed in the presence of children,” Acting US District Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas Nicholas Ganjei said in a statement.

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