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A composite image of Donald Trump Jr. and Senator Ted Cruz. Rick Wilking / Reuters; Jabin Botsford / Getty Images

  • The CIA posted a recruiting ad featuring a Latin American officer identified as a “cisgender millennial.”

  • It is part of the “Humans of CIA” series aimed at attracting a more diverse pool of applicants.

  • Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Jr. mocked the CIA on Monday, with Trump claiming it had “woken up completely.”

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Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Jr. mocked the CIA for posting a recruitment ad featuring an employee who was anxiously celebrating a “cisgender millennial”.

The video, released to YouTube by the CIA as part of its “Humans of CIA” series on March 25, sees a Latina speak candidly about identity and success.

“I am a woman of color. I am a mom. I’m a cisgender millennial who has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, ”says the woman.

“I’m intersectional, but my existence isn’t a box-checking exercise … I didn’t sneak into the CIA. I earned my place and rose through the ranks.”

The ad is part of a series of videos released by the CIA to attract a more diverse pool of job applicants. The agency has also launched a website specifically for various applicants.

The clip went viral on social media earlier this week, prompting conservatives to mock the announcement.

“If you’re a Chinese Communist, or an Iranian mullah, or Kim Jong Un … would that scare you? We’ve come a long way since Jason Bourne,” Cruz tweeted late Monday, referring to the protagonist of the spy film series “The Bourne Identity”.

Trump Jr. too tweeted: “China and Russia love it,” added one second tweet that the two countries “laughed at their asses watching the CIA wake up completely.” Cisgender. ” ‘Intersectional.’ “

“If you think about it, the waking state is the kind of twisted PSYOP that a spy agency would invent to destroy a country from within,” he said, referring to psychological operations, which aim to influence people’s emotions and reasoning.

Larry Pfeiffer, former CIA chief of staff, tweeted in response: “I’d say if you don’t like it, you’re probably not the one the ad is targeting for the job. The power of diversity.”

The CIA did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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