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Decomposed corpse found at cult Colorado headquarters identified as group leader

YouTube / Love Has WonDENVER – Several members of a bizarre spiritual group called “Love Has Won” have been arrested after the decomposing body of the leader of the group was found in his seat. Amy Carlson, 45, whose followers call her “Mother God”, was found dead at the headquarters of the “Love Has Won” sect, located in Casada Park west of Crestone. Saguache County Sheriff’s Deputies and Colorado Bureau of Investigation detectives discovered LHW’s self-proclaimed “divine being” after responding to advice from a member who told them his body had been transported to Colorado from all over the country. to Love Has Won were first reported by Be Scofield. During an interview with law enforcement, the group did not use the word “deceased” to refer to Carlson’s death, according to a source close to the case. The source told the Daily Beast that members of the group – which law enforcement and former members previously referred to as a “cult” – claimed Carlson was not dead, but was simply “out of the game”. Communication”. Sergeant Royce Brubacher of the Saguache County Sheriff’s Office said Friday, MPs found the body Thursday at a mobile home, which is the headquarters of LHW. A law enforcement source with knowledge of the matter has added that Carlson had been dead for weeks and may have been transported from Oregon. This source said the body was in such condition that investigators could not formally identify it from the fingerprints, but witnesses confirmed that the body was Carlson’s. Carlson’s sister, Chelsea Ann Reninger, confirmed the death by posting on her Facebook: “For those of you who knew my sister Amy, I wanted to let you know that we learned of her passing yesterday! Please pray for us and the people involved in this terrible situation. We choose to regularly remember who she was when she was in our lives and not who she became of this manipulative sect! ”Seven members of the“ sect ”have been placed in custody on sight for various counts, including child abuse, abuse of a corpse, and tampering with human remains, although no foul play was suspected in the death itself. did a daily live broadcast on their Facebook page titled “Daily Energy Event Update,” but did not mention Carlson’s death. Released in March, Carlson claimed she had been trying to save humanity for $ 19 billion. ‘years and stated that she cr believed that everything society teaches is a lie. “She thinks she is Earth in a human body. She thinks she’s the mother of all creation, ”Andrew Profaci, a former member who left the group five years ago, told The Daily Beast on Friday. Profaci said he was in a car accident in 2002 which killed his best friend and was in need. of a spiritual reset when he joined the group in 2015. He became Carlson’s “Father God”, he says, “like the other half of Mother God. The two beings who created the universe. Essentially, Profaci was his guardian. “I adored her and attended to all of her needs. She drank ten glasses of vodka a night. When she drank at night, she lost her cognitive abilities. She would fall and walk through the walls, ”Profaci said. When The Daily Beast posted Love Has Won on Facebook on Friday, someone responded by asking “what are your intentions, my love” before declining to comment on the group leader. In a livestream uploaded a week ago, band members claimed Calrson was “in stasis” and was refusing medical treatment “on his own.” An image of Carlson from a 2016 video. YouTube / Love Won For his part, Saguache County Coroner Tom Perrin told the Daily Beast that there was no indication that his death was caused by a criminal act, describing the body as extremely thin. “It’s possible that this woman is taking colloidal silver,” he says. (The group has already developed colloids to treat compulsive behaviors.) He added that it will likely be weeks before an autopsy including the toxicology report can be completed. at the house there were two children, aged 13 and 2, inside. The 13-year-old has since been taken to family services for treatment. Seven members of the group were taken to Rio Grande County jail at 1.30am on Thursday in connection with the death and are being held in cells separated. “They were cooperative. We are keeping them for Saguache County, ”said Rio Grande Sheriff Sgt Jared Quintanos. Christopher Royer and Sarah Rudolph were being held on two counts of child abuse and corpse abuse on $ 2,000 bail. Karin Raymond was being held on two counts of child abuse, corpse abuse and false jail time on $ 5,000 bail. The first appearances for the seven will be held in Saguache County Court on May 6. the group from afar and had seen Carlson’s health deteriorate. “I saw his death come depending on what was going on over the past few months,” he said. “I saw pictures of her. His health deteriorated considerably. Her legs were like toothpicks. When I was there she was fine. He said he believed Carlson had never “deliberately” taken advantage of people, but was in a “total delusion.” While he estimates the group had thousands of followers around the world while he was a member, precinct in Colorado was “just a house full of freelancers who smoked a lot of pot.” “Since I’ve been gone it’s been a lot darker,” he said. . “From what I heard from another member, is that they moved his body to Colorado for worship or something.” Carlson’s family members said in the VICE documentary that Carlson worked at McDonalds until she adopted New Age beliefs in her 30s. , she claimed to be in her “534th reincarnation in my quest to reclaim my beloved planet, the center of the universe and the first planet I created.” Supporters believe Carlson is a divine being who can cure illnesses and will one day lead them into a new mystical fifth dimension – if they provide financial support for the group. But former members described the group to VICE as a “cult” and said Carlson was a heavy drinker who behaved erratically. a lot, a lot of mind manipulation, a lot of brainwashing, “former member Taylor told VICE. “She only lets us sleep for four hours. We have to wake up every day at 5:00 a.m. Everything… revolved around Amy. Profaci said the group believed it was spreading awareness of spiritual awakening and helping people “wake up and deal with their inner BS. Carlson appeared to be losing weight, as shown in this background photo from a recent live broadcast. YouTube / Love Has Won The group was kicked out of Hawaii last year when they attempted to move to a house in Kauai. Neighbors objected to their stay and the protests outside the house were so inflamed that police had to facilitate their exit, according to the Maui Police Department. “While in Kauai there were several reports of protests, vandalism and small fires,” Maui police said. in a press release. “On Friday, September 4, the protests escalated and the group finally decided to leave Kauai for their safety.” Carlson and 13 others flew to Colorado, police said. Register now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside delves deeper into the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

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