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The former acting U.S. prosecutor in Washington, who was under investigation for comments on the Jan.6 attack on Capitol Hill, has left the Department of Justice, AP reported on Friday.

The big picture: Michael Sherwin suggested in a CBS “60 Minutes” interview that some of the rioters could face rarely used sedition charges, echoing comments he had previously made at press conferences. Days before the interview aired in March, Sherwin was replaced as senior prosecutor in Washington, according to AP.

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Catch up quickly: Sherwin’s comments have caught the attention of U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta, who is overseeing one of the conspiracy cases resulting from the January 6 riot, the AP reported.

  • “These types of media statements have the potential to affect the jury panel and the rights of these defendants,” Mehta said, adding that further DOJ press statements could lead to a gag order or sanctions. .

A person familiar with the case told AP that senior justice officials never banned Sherwin from speaking to reporters and asked him to discuss the investigation at press conferences.

Between the lines: Since Sherwin is no longer employed by the DOJ, he cannot be disciplined by the Office of Professional Liability, by AP.

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