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‘Abolish Lasagna’ was posted on Twitter on Wednesday after a senator’s powerpoint was pictured

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A Republican senator’s criticism of Joe Biden’s program went viral on Twitter after a powerpoint was photographed to contain the words ‘Abolish lasagna’.

The powerpoint also called on “only gays” to go to restaurants and for Washington DC to become a state, among other causes.

He was photographed by a journalist and Twitter User Keaton Patti, who ridiculed Iowa Senator Joni Ernest for standing in front of a powerpoint titled “ Liberal Fantasy Island ” on Wednesday.

The Republican was addressing his colleagues using the powerpoint to criticize the agenda of President Biden, who was appearing before Congress for a joint session on Wednesday night.

Ms Ernest alleged in her presentation that Congress Democrats and the President were responsible for ‘speeding up’ an agenda for 100 days in office, and ‘killing jobs’ and creating a ‘migrant crisis’ at the US-Mexico border.

The actual powerpoint featured slogans such as “Break the ice”, “End the filibuster”, “Expand the court” and “Defend the police”, which she called a “liberal fantasy island”.

In reality, cutting police funding and abolishing ICE are not on President Biden’s agenda, as Ernest alleged.

Twitter users ridiculed the Iowa senator for the address and the powerpoint, prompting the site to post an explanation of why “No Lasagna” was all the rage.

“After Iowa Senator Josie Ernest ditched a graphic showing policies that would be popular on ‘Liberal Fantasy Island,’ ahead of President Joe Biden’s first joint speech to Congress, a modified version of the image of the replacement of ‘Abolish ICE’ by ‘Abolish Lasagna’ [instead], “Twitter wrote.

An user wrote: “I mean, I will never do away with lasagna. Everyone knows the left is in Big Garfield’s pocket.

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