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Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks at a press conference on Capitol Hill on February 5, 2021. Susan Walsh / AP
  • Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia holds a gun gift, saying she will give an AR pistol to the winner of a raffle.

  • This is not the first gun draw organized by Greene. She organized several raffles in 2020, before the election.

  • The giveaway will continue even as the number of mass shootings in the United States this year increases.

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Georgian MP Marjorie Taylor Greene is holding a gun gift, saying she will give an AR-15 worth around $ 2,900 to the winner of a raffle.

Insider saw an email sent by Representative Greene’s campaign last Saturday, announcing that the giveaway would last for another two weeks.

“Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi would like nothing more than to ban, confiscate and destroy our gun rights through a wave of ‘executive orders.’ This is the most vicious assault on our gun rights that our country has known for decades, ”the email read.

“The radical left doesn’t come right after me. They come after you. They fight every day for their America Last program to plunge America into socialist hell.”

In the email, Greene says she is the “biggest gun rights advocate in Congress” and that she “donates the gun Joe Biden wants to ban” as part of his fight for gun rights. Second Amendment rights.

“This is the same type of weapon that US hate gun looters in Washington would like to ban if they ever get the votes,” the gun draw registration page said.

The draw comes even as the number of mass shootings in the United States skyrockets, with gun violence experiencing a marked resurgence.

At least 50 mass shootings have taken place in the country since eight people – including six Asian women – were killed in an Atlanta shooting on March 16. 34 different states and Washington DC, in the first 110 days of this year.

This is not the first gun draw organized by Greene.

In September of last year, she tweeted that “guns and ammunition (were selling) everywhere because of the Biden / Antifa riots” and said she was gifting a “nice gun” which she used in a campaign ad to one of her supporters . In November, she tweeted again, announcing that she was giving her “infamous AR-15” as a “warning to the Antifa terrorists”.

The Honey Badger AR pistol is valued at $ 2,860.

In October last year, the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) sent a cease and desist letter to Q, the maker of the gun. The ATF asked Q to stop manufacturing and selling the gun as it fell under the category of “short-barreled rifles” subject to regulations under the National Firearms Act.

On April 7, Biden announced a series of executive measures his administration would take to tackle gun violence.

These include the drafting of “red flag” model laws, which will allow family or friends to alert authorities or seek a court order to prevent someone from obtaining a weapon. fire if there is a reasonable belief that they could constitute a danger to themselves or to others.

Biden also plans to tackle “ghost guns,” which are guns that can be assembled at home using an assortment of parts.

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