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‘She touched and rocked the world’: Ma’Khia Bryant receives posthumous diploma at funeral

(AP Photo / Paul Vernon)

The black teenage girl shot dead by police in Ohio during a scuffle received a posthumous diploma at her funeral.

Ma’Khia Bryant, 16, was fatally shot by an officer in Columbus the same day Derek Chauvin was convicted of the murder and manslaughter of George Floyd.

The youngster was called back in a moving ceremony in the city as an investigation into the murder continues.

Tamika Palmer, mother of Breonna Taylor, another black woman killed by police in Louisville, Kentucky, attended the service.

“Today the family is sad. The family is injured. The family is angry. We are watching a grieving mother and father, who their daughter misses so much, ”said Ma’Khia’s cousin Don Bryant.

“She was a child who had so much love in her heart,” he added.

“A smart, capable girl who deserves to fulfill all her hopes and dreams in this world.”

And he continued, “Say her name in remembrance of the loving person she was.

“Say her name as a reminder that change doesn’t happen just by offering words or talking about it.

“What are you doing to make sure that he will not be taken from us again from Ma’Khias?”

Emmanuel Anthony, principal of the Academy of Urban Scholars high school where Ma’Khia was a student, awarded her family a diploma for her.

“This tragedy strikes differently for me, because I considered Ma’Khia to be one of my own,” Mr. Anthony said.

“In every crisis there is also an opportunity. Although we have a crisis in America with racism and the police killing unarmed black men and women – and not even sparing our children – we also have an opportunity in the black community to return to that state of. collective and community spirit, to say this child does not come from me, it is still one of my children.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther and city attorney Zach Klein reportedly sent a letter to the US Department of Justice asking them to review the city’s police department.

Police officials appointed Nicholas Reardon, who began working for the department in December 2019.

He fired four shots when he saw Ma’Khia swing a knife at another girl involved in the incident.

Constable Reardon was put on paid leave after the shooting.

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