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Police say Miss Zulfiqar traveled to Pakistan from UK to attend wedding, but decided to stay – Universal News And Sport

Police are tracking down at least four suspects after a young woman from London was shot and strangled on her way to Pakistan.

Mayra Zulfiqar was recently threatened with “dire consequences” by two men after refusing their marriage proposal, according to legal documents filed by her family.

The 26-year-old had told relatives she feared for her life after refusing to marry either of the two and called on an uncle to intercede.

However, the Middlesex University law graduate, who left the UK around two months ago, was later found dead in her apartment in the eastern city of Lahore.

The young woman was found with gunshot wounds to the shoulder, but police said she was also allegedly strangled. An autopsy is in progress.

Miss Zulfiqar had been threatened by two friends after trying to force her into marriage, according to a police complaint filed by her uncle, Mohammad Nazeer.

Mr Nazeer said he intended to speak to the two men in order to defuse the situation, only for her to be subsequently killed, the Dawn newspaper reported.

The couple are accused of having broken into their house in the district of the association for the defense of housing in the city with two accomplices in the early hours of Monday morning to kill her.

Superintendent Sayyed Ali said an unidentified caller alerted police to the murder and she was found lying in a pool of blood in her bedroom with her cell phone close to her body.

“We seized the cell phone for forensic analysis,” he said, adding that police teams were also trying to access images from nearby CCTV cameras to check the movements of any suspects.

Superintendent Sayyed said they had also contacted the relatives and other relatives of the deceased overseas to get details from them.

Police said Miss Zulfiqar traveled to Pakistan from the UK to attend a wedding, but decided to stay.

“We are also looking for two suspects and will share more details later,” police said, adding that Ms. Zulfiqar’s friend who lived with her in the same house had not been able to help their investigations.

Police said she had not yet made any arrests and her parents had fled to Pakistan.

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