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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (right) says the idea that the United States has systemic policies that perpetuate racism is absolute “horse manure”.

While speaking to Fox News’s Laura Ingraham at a Governors Hall event Thursday night, DeSantis was asked about systemic racism, which Sen. Tim Scott (RS.C.) discussed in his rebuttal of President Biden’s speech in Congress. Scott said “America is not a racist country”, an increasingly hot topic as politicians disagree “on the ubiquity of no-a manifest racism within the systems ”, writes The Washington Post.

DeSantis’ position in the debate is obviously clear, as he called the notion of systemic racism “a pile of horse manure.” But the timing for his comments was remarkable, as earlier that same day, Florida’s Republican-led legislature passed new voting rules that black lawmakers said would make it more difficult for millions to vote. voters, especially people of color. DeSantis has said “of course” that he will sign the bill.

“Give me a break,” DeSantis told Ingraham, saying that because “we’ve had successful people,” the system has to be in order. However, the latest voting law, which restricts postal voting and ballot boxes, has been criticized as an example of systemic racism in that it exacerbates the long-standing discrepancies between voting access for white voters and non-white voters – Florida state representative Omari Hardy (R) called the bill “Jim Crow’s rebirth in this state, whether the sponsors admit it or not.”

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