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Last News Elise Stefanik’s ‘Hateful Rhetoric’ Torn in Scathing Editorial by Hometown Newspaper

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Representative Elise Stefanik’s (RN.Y.) hometown newspaper offered a scathing response to its anti-immigrant rhetoric in a recent ad campaign.

Stefanik, a Donald Trump loyalist, echoed the racist “big replacement” theory in advertisements warning voters of a “permanent election insurgency”. The plot, which has been adopted by the far right, postulates that whites are intentionally replaced by minorities and immigrants.

In an op-ed on Friday, the board of directors of Albany’s Times Union posed a critical question with its headline, “How Good, Ms. Stefanik?” “

“The idea of ​​America as a melting pot is not an idealistic fiction of the left; it is part of the foundation of the greatness of this nation, ”he wrote.

“If there is anything that needs to be replaced in this country – and in the Republican Party – it is the hateful rhetoric that Ms. Stefanik and far too many of her colleagues are so transparently spitting out,” concluded the editorial.

Read the full Times Union editorial here.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.

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