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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (right) signed an executive order on Monday to end all local emergency orders related to COVID-19, ending the statewide restrictions, reports the Miami Herald.

Why is this important: DeSantis argued that continuing to impose restrictions would undermine confidence in the vaccines, which he stressed are effective and have been given to a large portion of the state’s elderly population.

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The big picture: New coronavirus infections are on the decline across much of the country, and 38% of America’s adult population is fully vaccinated, although health experts warn that variants could still threaten to reverse the country’s progress.

  • Florida, which became one of the world’s epicenters for the virus in July, has fully vaccinated 37.3% of its population.

  • About one in 609 people in the state has died from the virus, compared to a national rate closer to one in 569, according to Orlando Sentinel.

What they say: DeSantis accused governors of seizing power during the pandemic through executive orders intended to enforce social distancing and stay-at-home orders.

  • “Now in the state of Florida we’ve been working really hard, especially since this summer, to get out of those types of policies and we have focused on succession. We wanted people to go back to work, we wanted our kids to be in school, we thought that was very important, ”he said.

The other side: Rick Kriseman, the mayor of St. Petersburg, tweeted, “To be clear, cities like St. Pete, Tampa, Orlando, Miami and Miami Beach have saved Florida and the governor throughout this pandemic. Can you imagine if every city was ruled by Ron DeSantis? lives would have been lost? What would our economy look like today? “

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