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Last News   Dad told his in-laws he was taking his son for a hike.  Both found dead on the Appalachian trail

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A 2-year-old was found dead in a ravine along the Appalachian Trail, and his father’s body was not far away, Maryland police said.

Sean Thomson, 34, picked up his son Thursday night from his in-laws’ home near Boonsboro, Md., Police said. He told them he was taking the toddler on a hike.

After his wife learned where they were, she rushed to a parking lot along the Appalachian Trail where she found Thomson’s car abandoned.

“She contacted the police and reported her son and her husband missing,” Maryland State Police said in a press release. “She expressed her concern because she said her husband has been discouraged lately.”

The police immediately launched a search for the father and son, searching for hours.

At around 3 a.m. on Friday, authorities found the body of Dawson, 2, in a ravine about a mile from the car. An hour later, they found Thomson’s body and a knife at the scene.

Officials said their bodies showed “obvious trauma” and that they were investigating the incident as a murder-suicide. Police did not provide a motive and the family was living together at the time.

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