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CIA to use ‘Hot Girl Summer’ as recruiting tactic

On Monday, a (very bizarre) video ad shared by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Twitter account was the subject of controversy (and mockery). In one lengthy video, a Latinx CIA employee is shown giving a very harsh speech to Millennials, filled with every “waking” stereotype imaginable. The tweet, which begins with the hashtag #WednesdayWisdom (it was first posted last Wednesday), includes a quote from the employee: “I have no excuse me. I want you to be without excuse you, whoever you are. Whether you work at #CIA or elsewhere in the world. Order your space. Mija, you are worth it. In a full version of the video, titled “CIA Humans,” a camera follows this unnamed female officer around CIA headquarters for two and a half minutes. She describes herself as “a cisgender millennial diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder” and uses the word “intersectional” as she walks past several portraits of old white men. At 36, she declared that she suffered from “impostor syndrome” and also from “refusing[s] to internalize misguided patriarchal ideals about what a woman can and should be. The video didn’t use all the woke-isms except maybe “hot girl summer” and “bestie”. But fear not, because this agent is clearly #thriving #goals #CIA. The apparent use of awakened bait as a recruiting tactic has obviously created a “talk”. (The CIA knows that.) The video made a lot of references to things like marginalization, feminism, and mental health, which prompted conservatives to argue how empty the use of identity politics is. However, non-conservatives, or in this case Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine, fought back, explaining that the problem isn’t just the very blatant awakened bait – it’s the fact that an organization that has thrived on war crimes, torture and silencing the opposition is trying to recruit the very communities they destroyed the most. Idiot of me, I thought the CIA was evil because of their 70 years of war crimes, assassination of heads of state, torture and crushing of movements of people all over the world, and it’s turns out the real problem was an awakened brochure / MYcNFLjd5s— Tom Morello (@tmorello) May 3, 2021 Actual quotes from this new CIA recruiting ad: “I’m a woman of color” “I am a cisgender millennial ”“ I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder ”“ I’m intersectional ”I think it’s safe to say that the contemporary American left has / ruUzWSeIur— Aisha Ahmad (@ aishaismad) May 2, 2021, the CIA cynically uses the language of democracy, resistance, education, anti-extractivism and dozens of other leftist concepts so that doesn’t mean they’re all corrupt and must be abandoned. Indeed, co-opting political currents otherwise useful to push the empire is a bit their thing!— Adam H. Johnson (@adamjohnsonNYC) May 3, 2021 In case anyone needs a refresher, this effort to rename the CIA into a fun startup recruiting young minds fresh is just a distraction. their history as a killing machine. The organization has a long history of participating in a global drug trade and experimenting with humans in America and Canada using illegal substances, and it has long been suspected of having played a role in the death of the Civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., among, you know, other issues. So, of course, the CIA can absolutely try to tell young people to control their space, as long as that space includes the abolition of the systems of violence that they have created. Like what you see? How about more R29 goodness, here? These personalized Starbucks orders go viral New York wants to decriminalize sex work Jewish creators grabbed this anti-Semitic TikTok

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