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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday, after a new round of nuclear negotiations in Vienna, that an agreement can be reached within a short period of time “if the United States acts with honesty”.

Why is this important: Rouhani’s optimism comes as representatives of Iran and other world powers, including the United States, are about to begin drafting a plan to restore the 2015 nuclear deal.

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“The talks in Vienna have progressed by about 60, 70% and if the Americans act with honesty, we will get results in no time.”

Hassan Rouhani during a meeting with political activists in Tehran.

Driving the news: High-level diplomats from Iran, the EU, France, Germany, UK, Russia and China met today in Vienna to review the progress made by two working groups of ‘experts.

  • The groups focused on the steps required from the United States on sanctions relief and Iran on its nuclear program. The EU has announced that a third group will now be formed to focus on sequencing these potential measures from the US and Iran.

  • US envoy Rob Malley and his team did not attend the plenary meeting, but held indirect talks with the Iranians through EU officials. They also met members of other delegations in Vienna.

And after: Members of the various delegations are expected to return to their capitals for consultations and then return to Vienna for another round of talks next week, the EU said in a statement.

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