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Last News   “Afghanistan is collapsing.  McConnell spins Biden again on the pullout.

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell again blasted President Joe Biden’s rapid withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan on Tuesday, saying the Taliban was already approaching a military victory that would trigger a humanitarian crisis.

“Our reckless rush to exit is becoming a global embarrassment,” McConnell told the Senate, issuing his second scathing criticism of the president’s decision in as many weeks. “He ignores the truth unfolding before our very eyes. Afghanistan is collapsing.

McConnell cited the Taliban’s takeover of districts across the country and the lack of specific plans to protect Afghan allies as the most serious reasons for concern.

With the overwhelming majority of US troops and NATO allies already out of the country, the Taliban have gone on the offensive, driving Afghan families from their homes, assassinating Afghan special forces and reasserting their power in the worst areas. more remote areas of the country. The Commander-in-Chief of US and NATO forces, General Austin Scott Miller, resigned his post on Monday.

But some analysts disagree with McConnell that a complete Taliban takeover is inevitable.

“I think there is a serious danger of the Afghan government collapsing in the coming months, although there is nothing inevitable about it,” said Michael O’Hanlon, foreign policy analyst at the Brookings Institute, appearing on C-SPAN Tuesday. “I think some sort of stalemate – probably back and forth – is more likely than an outright Taliban takeover.”

But McConnell described a humanitarian crisis as almost inevitable.

“The humanitarian crisis could well be historic,” he warned. “President Biden and his team are desperate to avoid the tough questions about Afghanistan. But the American people deserve answers.

Some Democrats are also starting to voice concerns about how the Biden administration plans to protect Afghan allies, including interpreters.

“We’re going to see pictures of them lined up against a wall and strafed. And that’s not an exaggeration, ”Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont said on MSNBC.

McConnell urged the relevant Senate committees to carefully monitor the consequences of the pullout, including how U.S. intelligence gathering might be hampered and whether Russia or China will attempt to assert itself more forcefully in the region.

“A probable disaster. As troops withdraw from Afghanistan, McConnell’s warnings are put to the test

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