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LA aims to curb street racing;  Family of woman killed by Lamborghini speeding ticket say it’s not enough

Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday voted to crack down on illegal street racing throughout the city amid an increase in dangerous speeding in the San Fernando Valley.

City Councilor Monica Rodriguez, who introduced the measure last month, noted that street racing “typically takes place on a short section of a wide, straight local road with low levels of traffic and easy access to highways. “.

To combat this, Tuesday’s motion will ask the LAPD Street Racing task force and LA Department of Transportation to consider how traffic calming measures such as “speed bumps, rough lanes, raised center mids, extensions sidewalk and roundabouts’ can be used to stop street racing.

The LAPD said last month that 437 people have been arrested so far this year in connection with illegal street takeovers and races.

Richard Cartier, the uncle of a woman who was killed when a Lamborghini crashed into her at 106 mph in February, said it was “heartwarming” that city officials were taking action to reduce runs and traffic. dangerous speeding, but more severe criminal penalties must be applied. be in place for those who are caught.

“If there is no justice here, there will be no justice for anyone, because it can happen to anyone,” Cartier told Fox News Tuesday. “It takes our breath away. The family didn’t grieve the way they should. We didn’t sleep the way we should.”

Prosecutors said in court that the 17-year-old Lamborghini driver was “running” a friend just before the crash, but the teen’s lawyer denied the claim, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The 17-year-old driver pleaded guilty to manslaughter at the wheel of a vehicle in April, but will be tried in juvenile court due to the policy of Los Angeles County Prosecutor George Gascón not to try minors as well as adults.

The teenager is due to return to court on Oct. 13 for sentencing, according to his lawyer, Mark Werksman.


Last month, three people were killed in a car crash in Burbank resulting from street racing.

One of the drivers involved, Hamlet Arseni Aghajanyan, 19, has been charged with three counts of murder and one count of reckless driving.

Another driver, a 17-year-old minor, was arrested and taken into custody in a juvenile detention center on three counts of murder and one count of reckless driving, pending a review by the public prosecutor. district of Los Angeles.


“This tragic and preventable event was caused by subjects racing vehicles and driving recklessly at very high speeds,” the Burbank Police Department said in an Aug. 19 statement.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Tuesday.