Kylie Jenner Asks Plane to Turn Around Due to ‘Anxiety’

  • In the new episode of The KardashiansFamily heads to Aspen for a getaway, but bad weather forces them to change their flight plans
  • The “series of events” has Kylie Jenner saying she’s anxious about continuing her trip and has a “bad feeling” about getting on a plane.
  • Kylie Gets Off Plane And Kendall Jenner Says This Behavior Is A ‘Pattern’ For Kylie

Kylie Jenner’s anxiety led her to abandon her family trip at the very last minute.

In the new episode of The Kardashians, Kylie joined sisters Khloé Kardashian and Kim Kardashian – who are in the middle of a fight – as well as Kendall Jenner and her mom Kris Jenner, on a private plane to the resort town of Aspen, Colorado. Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian Barker stayed with her son Rocky, who was born in November.

At the outset, Kylie, 26, confides in her confessional: “I’m really excited. I wanted to go to Aspen this year. I try to snowboard at least once a year. And I just feel blessed to be surrounded by my family.”

However, once they’re all on the plane, the pilot announces that they’re delayed due to weather and low visibility – a delay that keeps them sitting and scrolling on their phones for 48 minutes.

When the pilot says he can fly to Grand Junction — a three-hour drive from Aspen — Kylie responds, “I don’t think it’s safe.” I don’t like driving in the snow.

Kylie Jenner in March 2024 in Los Angeles.

The Hollywood Curtain/Bauer-Griffin/GC

Kylie says there were “three accidents” involving people she knew driving in the snow. But as she speaks, Kendall and Kim’s expressions turn icy.

“Kylie’s anxiety is setting in and I totally get it,” says Kris, 68.

“I’m here, I’m ready, I’m packed, I’m ready to go,” Kylie says, but she insists, “I’m not going to Grand Junction.” »

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About a half hour later, the pilot said, “I think it’s best to let me take off to Grand Junction, see what the weather is like,” adding that he can check the weather along the way.

As he speaks, Kylie remains seated, her face impassive.

“Are you sure we can land in Grand Junction?” Kris asks.

“Oh, 100 percent,” he replies, prompting Kris to say, “Well, let’s go.”

In another confessional, Kylie insists: “I’m really good at flying…I wasn’t in the past.”

And while Kylie adds, “I’m doing a lot better,” she shares, “I feel a lot of anxiety.” »

Back on the plane, Kylie tells her sisters, “I’ve had a really bad feeling about this for the past two days.”

” Why do you say that ? » her sisters retort.

“I couldn’t even sleep last night,” she continues, as Kendall, 26, tells her, exasperated, “The fact that you even put that out into the universe is one of the strangest things.”

Meanwhile, Khloé, 40, watches their interaction with her arms crossed.

“You’re not supposed to talk it into existence,” Kendall continues.

Back in her confessional, Kylie says, “I just don’t feel comfortable right now.” The mother of her son Aire, 2, and daughter Stormi, 6, whom she shares with Travis Scott, says: “I think about my children.”

Kylie Jenner owns it with her daughter, Stormi, and son, Aire.

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

And while she admits, “Maybe I’m being dramatic,” Kylie adds, “I feel like something isn’t safe.”

Back on the plane, the sisters all share incredulous expressions while an increasingly distraught Kylie tells Kris, “I’ve just had a bad feeling the last couple days.” I don’t like the series of events. I feel like I have to go. I think I’ll get through this.

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As the plane starts to move, Khloé says that someone needs to tell the pilot to turn around so Kylie can get off.

“The moment Kylie says, ‘Turn around, I want to get off,’ I know she’s serious,” Kris says. “I know the anxiety is overwhelming and I don’t think anything is going to change her mind because now she’s really worried.

As Kris informs the flight crew that they need to turn around to let Kylie go, she repeats, “I’m just really anxious.” »

But in a confession, Kendall said: “I’ve known Kylie since the day she was born. And I’m not discrediting his panic. I don’t know why she does this. But it’s also part of a pattern with her. She has done it many, many times. »

As Kylie hugs Kris and exits the plane, Kendall’s voiceover continues.

“I think she just thinks she can get away with whatever she wants.” »

And once Kylie gets off the plane and is on her way home, Kim shares her thoughts on the encounter.

” It’s always like that. It’s always like this,” says Kim, 43.

Kendall agrees and says, “The fact that she always gets away with it is very annoying.”

Kris reacted with more restraint: “I know the other girls are frustrated, but she’s one of my babies. Of course, I will understand and not get angry with her. I don’t want her to feel anxious. »

Kris calls Kylie to ask her to come back, asking Kendall to talk to her.

However, Kendall throws her hands up saying, “I’m not the one.” »

Khloé steps in and says, “Why don’t you just hang up the phone.” She can’t hear herself. And let’s move on.

The conversation turns to the girls deciding to share the contents of Kylie’s luggage, with Khloé yelling, “I hope you brought some pretty sh–t!”

New episodes of The Kardashians Drop it Thursdays at midnight ET on Hulu.

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