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King Charles III’s funeral plans have reportedly been updated because he is ‘very ill’. Here’s what we found

On May 1, 2024, a Facebook account shared a post from its own “nostalgia buffs” website claiming that plans for King Charles III’s funeral had been updated because his battle with cancer was not going well.

The headline read: “King Charles’ funeral plans updated as his cancer prognosis looks grim.” »

Similar posts appeared on X, including on the accounts of various media outlets, such as New York Post, Page six And Insider document.

Together, the posts had accumulated more than 5.7 million interactions, as of this writing.

But the story comes from the American news site The Daily Beast, according to the New York Post, and cites anonymous sources. On April 25, 2024, the Daily Beast published an exclusive article claiming that the British monarch’s funeral plans were being regularly updated because he was “very ill.”

The article’s headline read: “King Charles’ funeral plans dusted off as his health remains a mystery.”

The story said:

“Officials are examining copies of a several hundred page document titled ‘Operation Menai Bridge,’ the code word for the death of King Charles.”

Friends of the king reportedly told the Daily Beast that his health was “not good,” but the article also said officials would not respond to official requests for comment. The website reportedly learned that plans for Charles’ funeral were regularly updated and that a document reviewing what went well after the death of Queen Elizabeth II was shared with the British government.

The story added that the king was “very ill indeed” and “more than they let on”:

An old family friend, for example, told the Daily Beast: “Of course he’s determined to beat it (cancer) and they’re throwing everything at him. Everyone remains optimistic, but he is really very sick. suggest.”

The Daily Beast too posted the article several times on his accountaccumulating more than 144,000 views.

Snopes was unable to substantiate the claims made in the article due to the website’s use of anonymous sources. So we’ve reached out to the Daily Beast for more information, as well as Buckingham Palace and the UK Cabinet Office, and will update this article if we receive a response.

The British monarch’s health was the subject of another unproven rumor in March 2024, when a celebrity gossip magazine claimed that Charles had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was left with only two years to live. The magazine article was also based on quotes from anonymous sources.

As of this writing, Buckingham Palace has only released two statements regarding the King’s health since its initial press release on February 5, 2024. Neither mentioned his worsening cancer diagnosis or “looking somber”, while the latest statement indicated that Charles “will soon return to public service following a period of treatment and recovery.

On May 3, 2024, the monarch appeared at the Royal Windsor Horse Show in Windsor, Berkshire.


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