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New Jersey is on the verge of obtaining legal marijuana, including recreational marijuana, and late-night host Jimmy Kimmel is here to help them through the process.

Kimmel said on Tuesday that critics warned that legal weed would lead to an increase in crime, but he stressed that this had not happened in California.

“In fact, all he’s done is double the number of naps we take,” he says. “And our favorite candies are no longer bears.”

Kimmel praised the Garden State, then pointed out that it was entirely appropriate, given the state flag:

New Jersey

New Jersey State Flag

“There’s no way whoever designed their state flag wouldn’t be high when they did,” he snapped. “You have two wives, one has a hat on a stick. You have a shield, a horse’s head, a knight’s helmet or something, and a backdrop the color of my mother’s kitchen in 1981. ”

Next, Kimmel, a longtime fan of legal weed, suggested a few Jersey exclusives:


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