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Jimmy Kimmel never tires of the scandal surrounding Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who was caught last week taking off on a beach vacation in Cancun, Mexico as his state suffered from ‘a massive crisis.

“This story just keeps getting funnier,” Kimmel said. “Now Ted Cruz is in control of the damage after his estupido trip to Mexico.”

Cruz, he noted, shared images on social media of himself attempting to help with relief efforts after Texas battled freezing temperatures, major power outages and drinking water unhealthy.

“Like many of Ted Cruz’s attempts to mimic human behavior, this one was Ted on arrival,” he said, mocking the senator from “Señor Fraud”.

An image Cruz shared on social media showed him holding the arm of a woman in a first aid station who was not wearing a mask.

“Only Ted Cruz would think he can repair his image by touching a voter without a mask two days after getting off an international flight,” Kimmel cracked.

Check out his full monologue below.


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