Kim Taylor found guilty of all 52 counts in election fraud trial

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – A jury has returned a guilty verdict in the trial of Kim Taylor, who faced dozens of election fraud charges.

Kim Taylor, the wife of Woodbury County Supervisor Jeremy Taylor, was facing 52 total charges related to election fraud in federal court. She was found guilty on all 52 counts. The details of his accusations are given below:

  • 26 counts of providing false information during registration and voting
  • 23 counts of fraudulent voting
  • 3 counts of fraudulent registration

The Justice Department says Kim Taylor was charged after failing to translate portions of forms warning her victims that forging signatures or signing ballots without consent was a crime. They claim that Kim Taylor convinced members of the Vietnamese community to fill out ballots for their children, and that she even collected blank ballots and then filled them out with ballots for her husband, Jeremy Taylor.

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The trial began Monday, November 13, with the jury seated and the prosecution and defense presenting their opening statements.

Prosecutors described Kim Taylor as a wife willing to do anything to see her husband win, including trying to steal “the votes of her fellow Americans.” Prosecutors also said his actions “threaten the foundation of the American government.”

“She wanted her husband to win by any means necessary,” a prosecutor said.

In opening statements for the defense, Kim Taylor’s attorney said it was customary in Vietnamese culture for parents to make decisions for their children. He also said that Kim Taylor “is a help” and pointed out that her husband “won in a landslide.”

The defense also argued that key government witnesses, like Woodbury County Auditor Pat Gill, were biased against Jeremy Taylor, damaging their credibility before their testimony.

Trial testimony began on Tuesday, November 14, and the prosecution concluded its case on Thursday, November 16. The defense then completed its presentation on Monday, November 20.

Kim Taylor’s verdict having been announced on Tuesday, she is now awaiting sentencing. Each count she was convicted of carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison. No sentencing date is scheduled at this time.

This is a developing story. Tune in to News 4 tonight for a full recap of the trial.

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