Kim Mulkey gives blunt explanation for LSU controversially skipping USA national anthem before losing to Caitlin Clark and Iowa

Kim Mulkey has been in the news in recent days.

That’s likely to continue after Mulkey’s instantly controversial comments about the U.S. national anthem before an Elite Eight game in the NCAA women’s basketball tournament.


Kim Mulkey wasn’t happy after LSU’s loss and had to explain why her team didn’t sing the national anthemCredit: Getty

Mulkey was asked about her LSU team not being on the field during the anthem, which is routinely played before sporting events from high school to the professional level in a wide variety of sports.

After a painful 94-87 loss to superstar Caitlin Clark and No. 1 Iowa kept No. 3 LSU from a return trip to the Final Four, the often outspoken Mulkey attempted to explain that decision.

“I honestly don’t even know when the anthem was played,” Mulkey said. said.

Some fans weren’t buying it.

“This answer is wrong,” one fan tweeted. “Why not get in the habit of staying on the field to make sure we hear the national anthem?”

“And this routine leaves the floor before the United States National Anthem plays,” a second fan wrote.

Mulkey said LSU “kind of had a routine” when the team played a game, which prevented the Tigers from remaining on the field during the anthem.

Caitlin Clark had another monster game, sending Iowa back to the Final Four


Caitlin Clark had another monster game, sending Iowa back to the Final FourCredit: Getty
Mulkey didn't get to watch LSU's season finale against Clark and Iowa


Mulkey didn’t get to watch LSU’s season finale against Clark and IowaCredit: Getty

“They’re out after 12 minutes,” Mulkey said. “We, I don’t know, we go in and we do our pregame stuff.

“I’m sorry, look, it’s nothing done intentionally.”

Mulkely didn’t seem to be a big fan of the issue or the idea that her team intentionally skipped the anthem for a big game against Iowa and Clark.

Clark was fantastic again against LSU, scoring 41 points while getting revenge on the court against Reese.

After LSU’s season ended and Iowa left, the often outspoken Mulkey acknowledged how great Clark was.

“I’m really glad you’re leaving,” Mulkey recalled saying to Clark. “Girl, you’re something else. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Mulkey definitely had more insight into Clark’s hardwood excellence than LSU’s presence on the field for the anthem, which is often played at a scheduled time before major sporting events.

“We never pay attention to the national anthem, it doesn’t help their cause,” one fan tweeted.

“It’s really bad optics. Maybe they’ll do things differently in the future?” wrote a second fan.


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