Kim Kardashian Remains MVP of ‘AHS: Delicate’ and B*tch Slaps Emma Roberts

Kim Kardashian didn’t come to play American Horror Story: Delicate. The reality TV star — already crowned MVP of the first half of the season — continues to steal the show in the 12th installment of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s hit anthology series.

During the season, Kardashian plays journalist Siobhan, whose client Anna Victoria Alcott (Emma Roberts) is dominating the awards circuit with the release of her film. The Author.

However, Anna begins to experience strange events during her pregnancy, which prevents her from becoming a rising celebrity.

Siobhan has quickly become a fan-favorite character with her quick wit and unpredictable scheming, and is even poised to become the villain of the season. However, the character would be nothing with Kardashian at the helm.

The reality star has even impressed people behind the scenes and is set to star in Murphy’s upcoming legal drama.

Episode 6 of Delicate, “Opening Night,” which premiered April 3 on FX and streamed the next day on Hulu, sees Siobhan in some tough situations. First, she is tasked with getting Anna out of the house following the sudden death of her colleague and competitor.

When Anna says she’s not supposed to travel per doctor’s orders, Siobhan convinces her to do it anyway. “It was empowering to get on that plane,” Anna finally told her publicist. “I didn’t listen to the men, you know, my husband and the doctor. I listened to myself.

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“You mean me,” Siobhan replies before theorizing about Anna’s supposed illness. “Maybe it was just gas. Always get a second opinion.

This is not the first time that Siobhan intervenes in Anna’s health since in the first half of the season, she gives her a briefcase filled with vials filled with red liquid to treat her.

In the episode, Siobhan also confronts the director of Anna’s film, who ends up dead after threatening to reveal damaging information to the press. But Siobhan’s biggest moment comes towards the end when she slaps Anna for threatening to leave the industry.

“I think I need to stop. I didn’t realize I signed up for all this. I wanted to tell stories, and maybe get a little attention. Wear couture. Is this a crime? I didn’t think I would be hunted down or that Babette would die,” Anna says as the two eat dinner. “How can I bring a baby into a world where none of us are safe?

“That’s what being a mother is,” Siobhan replies.

“Let me go. I can’t keep campaigning for the fucking Oscar,” says Anna.

Siobhan loses patience with her client and delivers a hard slap to Anna’s face – which leaves Anna recoiling in pain.

Photo: FX

“I won’t let you say another word about stopping.” Give up your dream of protecting your baby? Do you think this is what your baby wants? A dissatisfied mother who secretly resents her own existence. Is that why your mother died? I don’t want to hurt you, but what I really don’t want is for you to hurt yourself,” Siobhan says convincingly.

The publicist then gives a speech about the sacrifices mothers often make for their children and tells Anna to stop “whining” about the things that scare her.

Well, nothing can match that! Kardashian, once again, stole the show, despite the show’s obvious desire for viewers to pay attention to Cara Delevingne’s meandering appearances. Even though it’s clear that there’s something wrong with Siobhan, she never fails to bring the drama, fashion and sass. But maybe next time she should refrain from slapping a pregnant woman…

American Horror Story: Delicate Part 2 airs Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. on FX and streams the next day on Hulu.

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