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Key takeaways from the report on Team Trump’s alleged fake voter plot

Former President Donald Trump’s campaign reportedly rushed to issue fake voter certificates to former Vice President Mike Pence ahead of the certification of President Joe Biden’s 2020 election victory.

A report detailing a trove of audio recordings and emails from those involved in the plot was released Thursday by CNN. Much of the report focuses on audio from a recent interview that Kenneth Chesebro, Trump’s former lawyer and alleged architect of the fake voter scheme, gave to Michigan investigators.

Chesebro’s testimony suggests that Trump’s team was growing increasingly desperate over fears that fake certificates from Michigan and Wisconsin would not arrive before Pence presided over the joint session of Congress on January 6, 2021.

Pence ultimately ignored demands from Trump and some of his close aides to block Biden’s certification. He has since repeatedly denounced the scheme and rejected claims that the election was “stolen.”

Former Trump attorney Kennth Chesebro is pictured left during a court hearing in Atlanta, Georgia on October 20, 2023, while former President Donald Trump is pictured right during an event in Coralville, Iowa, December 13, 2023. Chesebro revealed details. of the “fake voters” plot to keep Trump in power after his 2020 election defeat in audio recordings and emails recently released by CNN.
Alyssa Pointer; Scott Olson

News week contacted the Trump campaign via email on Thursday for comment.

Here are some of the key takeaways from CNN’s reporting.

Trump campaign lawyer ‘panicked’ over blocked delivery of fake certificates

Chesebro told Michigan investigators that Trump campaign attorney Matt Morgan and aide Mike Roman were deeply involved in the effort to deliver the fake voter certificates to Pence before Jan. 6.

He said Morgan “panicked” after learning from Roman that the Michigan certificate was “still in the Michigan sorting facility” and might not get to Pence in time.

CNN reported that a January 4, 2021 email Roman sent to Chesebro asked if the campaign could “charter a flight” to ensure Wisconsin’s certificate would reach Washington on time.

Chesebro lost ‘almost all’ of his money due to election platform fallout

A recording of Chesebro’s interview in Michigan indicates that the former Trump lawyer experienced financial ruin following his involvement in the Trump campaign.

Chesebro blames his losses on the “lies” of figures like Morgan, who downplayed his role in the election scheme during his testimony before the now-defunct House Jan. 6 Select Committee last year.

“That the campaign’s top three lawyers, in interviews with Congress, claim they withdrew themselves from this case…and I ran off and did it with (Trump’s former lawyer , Rudy) Giuliani, when in fact they were coordinating the campaign efforts day in and day out… that’s what’s really disturbing,” Chesebro said. “I was suspected because they lied (to the January 6 Committee) about me.”

“It really hurt me,” he added. “I had a beautiful apartment in New York that I had to sell for a loss of $2 million and I lost almost all my net worth, because of the lawyer bills…I didn’t a really warm feeling towards at least the top Trump lawyers who did this…and then lied to Congress about me.”

Republican Senator Ron Johnson played a key role in the rush to issue fake certificates

Chesebro claimed in his Michigan interview that Republican Sen. Ron Johnson was involved in “high-level” efforts to get fake voter certificates delivered to Pence.

“This is a high-level decision to get the votes of Michigan and Wisconsin there,” Chesebro said. “And they had to recruit, you know, a U.S. senator to try to speed up the process, to get it to Pence in time.”

Chesebro also said that a Pennsylvania congressman, believed to be Republican Rep. Scott Perry, participated in efforts to provide another fake slate of electors to Pence.

After being interrupted by the attack on the Capitol on January 6, Congress finally certified Biden’s victory using actual Electoral College votes. The president defeated Trump by 306 votes to 232 in the Electoral College and more than 7 million national popular votes.

Allegations about the fake voter conspiracy feature prominently in special prosecutor Jack Smith’s federal indictment against Trump in Washington, D.C., as well as the ex-president’s criminal case involving election subversion in Fulton County, Georgia.

Chesebro was indicted in Fulton County alongside Trump and 17 other co-defendants in August. He pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge in October after reaching a plea deal with prosecutors and could testify against the former president in future proceedings.