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Kevin Hart sues YouTuber Tasha K, assistant for extortion and defamation

Kevin Hart is taking legal action against his former assistant and controversial YouTuber Tasha K over alleged extortion surrounding a “defamatory” interview.

On Tuesday, the actor filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging that Tasha K, born Latasha Kebe, demanded a $250,000 ransom so she would not publish a “defamatory” interview with her former personal assistant Miesha Shakes.

The lawsuit, obtained by rolling stoneaccuses Kebe and Shakes of extortion and invasion of privacy, Shakes of breach of contract and defamation, and Kebe of intentional interference with contractual relations.

In the lawsuit, Hart claims an anonymous Kebe associate called her team to ask for $250,000 so they wouldn’t publish the Shakes interview. Hart states that he and his representatives quickly contacted the police, did not pay the ransom and sent a cease and desist letter to Kebe on November 22.

“You have already engaged in criminal conduct and tortious acts that would entitle Mr. Hart to damages against you if he chose to pursue a civil action regarding this matter,” the letter reads .

The lawsuit references an Instagram Live posted by Kebe in which she made a “threat” against Hart. “When you don’t pay, we have to get money by any means necessary,” Kebe says in the video.

When asked for comment on Wednesday, a rep for Tasha K emailed rolling stone a link to Kebe’s website and a note to “watch the full interview” with Shakes there. (Hart’s lawyers did not immediately respond.)

Kebe finally published the interview online on December 12 for a subscription of $12 per month. In the video, Shakes alleges that Hart had an affair in his office, had gambling problems and paid someone millions to take care of drunk driving charges for him. She also claims to have told Hart’s wife, Eniko, about Hart’s alleged affair.

The lawsuit also alleges that Shakes — Hart’s former assistant — violated an NDA and confidentiality agreement by participating in the podcast and sharing private information about her time working with Hart. The lawsuit claims the interview included “false and defamatory statements” about Hart, as well as private information.

“Shakes’ actions in publishing defamatory statements regarding Hart were done with
oppression, fraud and malice, to deprive Hart of his personal liberty, property
or legal rights, and otherwise causing injury, and such actions constituted despicable conduct that subjected Hart to unfair hardship in conscious disregard of his rights,” the lawsuit states.

For the cause of action for breach of contract against Shakes and intentional interference with contractual relations, Hart seeks $90,000 in compensatory damages and attorney’s fees each.


Kebe is the same YouTuber who lost a court battle with Cardi B after she posted “false and defamatory” statements that the rapper suffered from herpes, engaged in prostitution, used cocaine and committed adultery. Kebe was forced to delete more than a dozen videos and social media posts after losing the $4 million defamation lawsuit against Cardi B.

Regarding the cheating allegations mentioned by Shakes in the interview, Hart previously issued a public apology in 2017 after admitting to cheating on his wife Eniko Parrish while she was pregnant. At the time, Hart was also extorted for cheating with model Montia Sabbag.

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