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Keiko Fujimori supporters try to break into government palace – RT in english

Given the winner with 50.12% of the vote, the left-wing candidate Pedro Castillo sees his victory contested by the supporters of his rival (the liberal Keiko Fujimori), who tried to invest the government palace on the sidelines of a demonstration in Lima.

On July 14, supporters of Peruvian presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori attempted to force open the doors of the government palace in Lima on the sidelines of a massive protest against incumbent President Francisco Sagastian.

At first, the demonstrators clashed with the police trying to force entry. Then they roamed the streets of Lima chanting slogans and waving flags. There was fireworks mortar fire. Police used tear gas in an attempt to disperse the protest.

The protesters thus intended to denounce the decision of Francisco Sagastian to refuse an international audit of the second round of the presidential election, the result of which gives the left-wing candidate Pedro Castillo the winner, in the lead with 50.12% of the vote in the result of the count. A result disputed by the camp of Keiko Fujimori which introduced a series of actions for annulment. “We have confidence in the electoral bodies and in the will of the people. We know that when they analyze these irregularities, they will prove us right, ”said the right-wing candidate in June.

In any case, the Peruvian electoral tribunal plans to proclaim the final winner on July 20, eight days before the expiration of Francisco Sagastian’s mandate.

“There will be a resolution closing the electoral process which will say who are the winners and the composition of the new government”, declared Tuesday Alexandra Marallano, adviser to the presidency of the National Election Jury (JNE), the institution which must proclaim the future president.

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