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Kathleen Wilson Sues Dentist Who Allegedly Left Her Disfigured and Distraught After Just One Visit


A Minnesota woman is suing her dentist, claiming he left her disfigured and distressed after he performed too many procedures in one visit and falsified the amount of anesthesia he gave her.

Kathleen Wilson alleges in her civil lawsuit filed Thursday in Hennepin County District Court that Dr. Kevin Molldrem performed eight dental crowns, four root canals and 20 fillings in five and a half hours in July 2020.

As a result, Wilson was left in pain, embarrassment, disfigurement and distress and had to have several more appointments with other dentists to repair Molldrem’s alleged mess, according to an affidavit obtained by the Star Tribune.

She further claims that Molldrem abused anesthesia and falsified his medical records to avoid liability.

His suit – which seeks at least $50,000 in damages – has already received support from a Florida dentist expert.

Minnesota-based dentist Dr. Kevin Molldrem has been accused of leaving a patient distressed and disfigured after performing multiple surgeries on her in a single visit. Molldrem Family Dentistry/Facebook

Dr. Avrum Goldstein agreed that Mollgrem was correct in his July 7, 2020, diagnosis that “virtually every tooth” in Wilson’s mouth was decayed, but his treatment the following week was poor.

“Katie needed a slow, thoughtful, careful and measured response to her illness,” Goldstein wrote in a Nov. 14 report.

“Trying to fill every hole in every tooth in one’s mouth in a single visit is not only the antithesis of what has been indicated, but it is not humanly possible to accomplish this in an efficient or constructive manner.”

Molldrem's office in Eden Prairie is shown.
Dr. Kevin Molldrem reportedly performed eight dental crowns, four root canals and 20 fillings in five and a half hours in July 2020. Molldrem Family Dentistry/Facebook

He said Molldrem’s attempt to restore all of Wilson’s teeth in one visit did nothing to address his susceptibility to disease or the risk of losing his teeth.

Goldstein also argued that Molldrem — who has practiced in Eden Prairie since 2004 — administered too much anesthesia to Wilson during the surgery.

The maximum recommended dose for a long-term appointment is 490 milligrams, but Molldrem reportedly nearly doubled that dose when seeing Wilson in July 2020, providing him with 960 milligrams.

Wilson ultimately received proper treatment for repair and replacement of several of his restorations in an “attempt to stabilize his mouth” from the University of Minnesota Dental School over the course of several months in 2022, states the trial.

But if all of Wilson’s teeth eventually have to be removed or replaced with implants, Goldstein said “all the work that has been done and all the expense associated with it will have been for nothing.”

The Post has contacted Molldrem for comment.

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