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Kanye West sued for harassment by an assistant who looks a LOT like Bianca Censori… It’s SICK!

Another week, another lawsuit filed against Kanye West.

This time, the complainant is his ex-assistant Lauren Pisciotta, which is suing him for sexual harassment, creating a hostile work environment, breach of contract and wrongful termination. And even before any alleged breakup, their contract and the story behind it are extremely unclear.

OK, so according to the lawsuit, first reported by TMZLauren explains how she did it Only fans model. So successful, in fact, that she claims to make $1 million a year! Wow!

In July 2021, Ye hired her to help him with his Yeezy fashion line. She says she helped three Donda tracks too, although we don’t know in what way. Look, we can’t say why he hired her – but we’d be blind if we didn’t notice that she totally fits some physical qualifications… We mean, she looks so much like Bianca Censori she could be his sister. Not to mention a few other people you dated afterwards Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West and GF Chaney Jones in March 2022
Kanye West and GF Chaney Jones in March 2022. / (c) MEGA/WENN

This man clearly has a type. And hire an OnlyFans model who is exactly your type to be your “assistant”? Yeah, sorry, that’s already a bit sketchy for us. But it was a good business for her, a side hustle to her OF career, making show business connections, that sort of thing. So she took it.

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However, she says, a year after working with Kanye, the rapper told her he wanted her to be more like God and closed her OnlyFans account. Looks familiar? Like when he told Kim to stop dressing so sexy? KIM KARDASHIAN, whom he presented naked in a music video??

How dare he, right? Where does he get the right? Well, he tried to buy the right, allegedly telling Lauren that he would pay her the million dollars a year that she would lose. RED FLAG! We mean, this is some controlling, patriarchal, and unprofessional shit. But Lauren agreed.

Now that he had her full attention, Kanye allegedly used it to sexually harass Lauren. She included numerous explicit texts in her filing, claiming Ye sent her extremely intimate messages such as:

“See, my problem is that I want to fuck, but after I fuck, I want a girl to tell me how good they were fucked while I fuck them. Then I want her to cheat on me…”

Yeah. Not a conversation to have with an employee! In another, he even talks about masturbation, saying:

“Is my dick racist?” It is. That fucking racist asshole of mine. I’m going to beat this fucking racist bastard because he’s fucking racist. I’m going to look at pictures of white women with black asses and beat the racist shit out of him… Beat his big black cock.

Wow. So “God loves”!

Lauren says he also completely masturbated while on the phone with her – pointing it out to her by making her guess what he was doing. She says he also became obsessed with asking her about the size of her boyfriend’s penis. She says he also sent numerous sexual videos, including at least two showing him having sex with another woman.

Once again, these are texts from a terrible, controlling ex-boyfriend – NOT AN EMPLOYER!

But that’s what Kanye was to her. In fact, she says, he quickly promoted her to chief of staff. Lol ! Remember when Ye was supposed to run for president? That’s not it, it’s just a made-up position. But it’s an invented position for which he has now been promised 4 million dollars!

Instead, a few months later, in October 2022, she was fired. She says Ye promised her a $3 million severance package, which she accepted. But he never paid that either!

It’s not yet known exactly how much Lauren is asking, but we think it’s the millions he owes her and THEN SOME! And with the evidence she reportedly has, we can’t imagine she’ll have too much trouble getting it.

What do you think of this latest lawsuit, Perezcious Paralegals? Let us know in the comments below!

(Image via MEGA/WENN/Kanye West/Lauren Pisciotta/Instagram.)

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