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Kacey Musgraves reacts to Grammys debate on Star-Crossed

In the letter obtained by Variety, however, Mabe argued that, sonically, damn has “more country instrumentation” than Musgraves’ 2018 album Golden hour, which won Album of the Year and Best Country Album, and that many of the same people worked on and produced both albums.

“The two albums complement each other with Golden hour tell the story of falling in love and damn recounting the conclusion of the split, “the letter read.” There is no sound deviation from these two projects. “

According to the memo, Mabe also stressed “the importance of Kacey Musgraves to country music and why this decision is so much more than an entry point for an awards ceremony.” She went on to point out that women “currently represent only 10 percent of all national broadcasts.”

At one point in the letter, Mabe claimed responsibility for the decision regarding damn “calls into question the other agendas that were part of this decision.”

“This brings us to the process,” the letter continues. “The idea that a handful of people, including competitors, who would benefit from Kacey not being in the country category, deciding what country is only exacerbates the problem. breakdown and sadly not just for Kacey Musgraves but for all of our genre because of the way these decisions are made for the biggest music scene. Building roadblocks for artists who dare to fight the system is so dangerous and against everything I think the Grammys stand for. But that’s where we are today. ”

E! News has contacted the Recording Academy, the representative for Musgraves and Universal Music Group Nashville for comment, but has not yet received a response.