Julia Fox Debuts Velveeta-Inspired Hair in Head-Turning Transformation

Julia FoxThe new look will make you want Mac and Cheese.

After all, the actress debuted curd-inspired hair in a complete transformation, complete with curls, while attending the New York Knicks game on March 31.

In the photos, the OMG Fachoun the host turns heads with her orange-gold hair, a color created through her partnership with Velveeta, aptly called “Velveeta gold,” with a light blue two-piece ensemble including a cone-shaped bra , a yellow fur coat and transparent Velveeta. branded handbag.

The 34-year-old completed her look with swirly black eyeliner and silver heels. And as Julia is known for her bold streetwear style, the partnership seems like a perfect match, and her hairstylist, Jean Novotnyagreed.

“She’s definitely golden!” John said People. “Julia is the absolute queen of self-expression and always exudes a confidence comparable to that of a life that is that of La Dolce Velveeta. She lives an unapologetic life and does what feels good.”


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