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Joe Biden’s cryptic Super Bowl tweet wasn’t about Bitcoin, or was it?

It’s really not that complicated: The President of the United States posted a tweet that some see as a tacit admission that he orchestrated a covert operation to rig the Super Bowl, all in an attempt to win over an influential pop star which is supposed to be the key to success. his re-election campaign.

And yet Bitcoin Maximalists Can’t Stop Doing All This them.

Let’s go back. Shortly after the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl last night, President Joe Biden — or perhaps more likely, a team of meme-savvy aides — briefly broke the Internet by tweet an image of the 81-year-old commander-in-chief, with his eyes a devilish red, next to the caption: “Exactly as we drew him.”

The tongue-in-cheek post was almost certainly a sarcastic reference to an emerging conspiracy theory on the right, which posited last week that Biden might rig the Super Bowl in favor of the Chiefs in order to curry favor with Taylor Swift, the Chiefs’ girlfriend . tight end Travis Kelce – and potentially win the musician award a powerful endorsement.

The glowing red eyes in the message referred to the so-called “Dark Brandon” meme, which, in 2022, began co-opting iconography from conservative circles with the intention (again, brazenly) of portraying Biden as far more invigorated and powerful than he could be. meet the gaze.

But, as was the case well documentedConservative internet culture and crypto internet culture share many common roots – and it wasn’t long before some Bitcoin enthusiasts adopted Biden’s cryptic message as a dog whistle aimed at them, not bitcoin theorists. conservative conspiracy.

In crypto circles, glowing red eyes also have a special meaning: they signify an informed awareness of the importance of Bitcoin for the next chapter of humanity. Bitcoin maximalists love Michael Saylor And Caitlin Long have long incorporated “laser eyes” into their Twitter profiles to signal their evolution into super-powered adherents to the Bitcoin gospel.

As fate would have it, in the hours following Biden’s tweet, Bitcoin surged past $50,000 for the first time since 2021. Drunk on this good news, some crypto traders jokingly (or perhaps very seriously) attributed the price action to a Biden secret operation intended to boost Bitcoin, not the Chiefs.

The complex layers of irony and double meaning activated by the extremely online the blow quickly reached such crazy heights that, whether people in crypto In fact thought Biden was trying to send hidden messages to Bitcoin maxis, or not – others seemed genuinely convinced that crypto users genuinely believed they were in a cabal with the US president.

what is the truth? Did Biden rig the biggest sporting event of the year? Is he alone responsible for the rise of BTC?

This journalist will not comment on such thorny issues. But he says the answers probably won’t be found on Twitter.

Edited by Andrew Hayward

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