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Joe Biden and Donald Trump agree to a presidential debate: letters

The problem: President Biden and former President Donald Trump agree to two presidential debates.

Forget Ali and Frazier, move on to Holyfield and Tyson, the fight of this century will belong to President Biden and former President Donald Trump (“Rumble is set,” May 16).

Joe Biden, in what can only be interpreted as a moment of clarity — or perhaps despair — agreed to not one, but two nationally televised debates with Donald Trump.

The Biden team obviously believes in the polls, and with Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s attempt to put “Donald” behind bars now looking as likely as getting the truth out of Michael Cohen, the decision has been made that they have nothing to lose in the debate.

They must have thought that the performance Biden delivered during his State of the Union address was indicative of a spark of life left in an “otherwise likeable, well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory.” In any case, the fight is on.

Jack Kaufman

Naples, Florida.

In his “Debate Challenge” video, Clint Eastwood’s future President Biden thinks he can afford to infuriate voters with his joke that Trump is free to debate on Wednesdays, a reference to the Manhattan trial.

Don Whitman

Cross the river

Really, former President Donald Trump is going down this road again?

The debates are being hosted by two media outlets that will certainly not conduct what I consider to be a fair debate. Just look at their history of covering Trump in the news.

Trump should just accept a fair debate. Why not hire an independent moderator for a change? I have a bad feeling about this.

Greg Canizio

North East Port

For my part, I am looking forward to the debates between Biden and Trump. But I can’t help but wonder if both debates will actually happen. Maybe Biden will find an excuse to step aside. Or maybe Biden won’t be a candidate on September 10.

For all we know, there could be a surprise at the Democratic convention in August. If they debate, what will it take to give Biden a cognitive boost that will get him through?

JoAnn Lee Frank

Clearwater, Florida.

The problem: the alleged assault of a tourist in Times Square by a man, with 14 prior arrests.

Suspect Cyril Destin was filmed with a knife allegedly lunging at two women in Times Square – even though he had already been arrested 14 times (“Kin: A Knife’s Enough,” May 14).

Something is seriously wrong with the New York justice system. It seems that there are few consequences for criminals these days.

Bonnie Giordano

Florham Park, New Jersey

Left-wing “compassionate” perspectives continue to deny the most fundamental purpose of government: to protect and serve law-abiding people.

We need to put these people in prisons or mental institutions.

Antoine Parcs

Garden city

I don’t see how anyone could be surprised by the violent crime, mental health issues, recidivism and danger in New York. It’s time we finally start electing politicians whose number one priority is the safety of citizens – not the protection of criminals.

Steve Mormino


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