JetBlue’s new checked bag fees now depend on the day

By Jordan Valinsky | CNN

New York – JetBlue proves that even your bags aren’t safe from dynamic pricing, with the airline charging fees that vary depending on the day of departure.

The price of a first checked bag now ranges from $35 to $50 under a recently revealed pricing structure that depends on a number of factors, including which dates JetBlue determines are peak or off-peak.

JetBlue is offering travelers $10 off if they add a checked bag when booking and at least 24 hours before check-in, with prices ranging from $35 for off-peak dates and $40 for off-peak dates. point.

Peak dates cover approximately half the year, including most of the peak summer season as well as dates before and after the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays in 2024. For next year, dates range from mid-February (Valentine’s Day and President’s Day) and most of April for spring break and Easter. Full dates are listed on its website.

If a customer checks a bag within 24 hours of departure, the price jumps to $45 for off-peak dates and $50 for peak dates, an industry high.

The first checked bag remains free on its transatlantic flights, except for customers traveling on the cheapest fare (Blue Basic), which now costs between $60 and $70.

JetBlue said in a statement that “the cost of transporting bags has increased significantly due to increased wages and fuel costs, and we remain unprofitable since Covid.”

“While we don’t like to increase fees, we are making these adjustments to help our business return to profitability and cover increased costs,” the carrier said.

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