JetBlue brings dynamic pricing to checking bags. Here’s what it will cost you.

JetBlue imposes an Uber-like price increase on checked bag fees, making it more expensive to check bags during peak periods.

When and where you travel now affects how much you’ll pay to check a bag on JetBlue flights. If you’re traveling at a busy time or traveling internationally, expect to pay more to check your bag – the airline’s way of offsetting the higher costs of carrying baggage.

“The cost of transporting bags has increased significantly due to increased wages and fuel costs, and we remain unprofitable since COVID,” JetBlue said in a statement to CBS News. “While we don’t like to increase fees, we are making these adjustments to help our business become profitable again and cover increased costs.”

JetBlue added that the move helps limit airfares, while increasing the cost of “services that only some customers use.” Perks such as seatback TVs and onboard Wi-Fi services remain free, the airline noted.

In the fourth quarter of 2023, JetBlue lost $104 million on revenue of $2.3 billion, compared with a profit of $24 million on revenue of $2.4 billion for the year last. The airline ended its plan in March to buy discount carrier Spirit Airlines for 3.8 billion dollars after a federal judge blocked the deal because it fears it will weaken competition in the industry.

Carriers have long used so-called dynamic pricing to set ticket prices, but rarely for complementary flight services. The approach has infiltrated other sectors, with restaurants are now experimenting with changing menu prices depending on time and demand.

What are the new costs?

JetBlue outlines the new fare structure on its website. If you pay to check bags more than 24 hours before a flight, you’ll save $10 each by checking up to two bags.

Fees are higher within 24 hours of a flight’s departure, costing up to $110 if you’re traveling internationally with two bags at a peak time, such as during a typically busy travel period or a vacation .

On “Blue,” “Blue Basic,” and “Blue Extra” fares, the airline’s cheapest ticket tiers, a first checked bag costs $45 for “off-peak” flights and $50 during off-peak hours. point. A second checked bag costs $60 off-peak and $70 during peak hours.

Fees may also increase for transatlantic flights. For an off-peak “Blue Basic” fare, a first checked bag costs $65, while a second costs $105. The fee is an additional $5 for a first bag and $10 for a second bag during peak periods.


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