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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck aren’t heading for a spill just yet: sources

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(NewsNation) – As they say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire – but, at least with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, that’s not the case…yet.

Lopez spent Mother’s Day in Paris with her child Emme, while her husband was 9,000 miles away in Los Angeles celebrating with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner and their children. To make matters worse, Lopez doesn’t particularly like Garner — and the two, while vaguely friendly, don’t speak to each other.

“Jennifer loves Mother’s Day,” a friend of Lopez’s told me. “I was shocked that Ben wasn’t with her for the big day. She loves being pampered and having special days.

Then, photos of Lopez house-hunting with her longtime producer, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, made headlines this week, even though Lopez and Affleck shelled out $60 million in cash for a mansion in Beverly Hills last June.

And the rumor spread.

So let’s sort out what we know:

Lopez had a horrible 2024.

The film she financed about her life, “The Greatest Love Story Ever Told,” as well as her documentary, both failed. The documentary was purchased by Amazon (so the numbers are hidden) and became the butt of jokes on social media. TikTokers viciously mocked Jenny from the Block, and the New York Times savagely criticized it.

Her first studio album in 10 years, “This is Me…Now”, was also criticized by critics and fans – with the New York Post even going so far as to say “gives us ‘Gigli’ again” – and also failed, debuting at #38 on the Billboard charts and falling quickly.

The “This Is Me…Now” tour sold so poorly that seven cities were canceled, and it had to be retitled “This Is Me…Live”, featuring her biggest hits instead of love songs sweet songs from his latest album. I’m even told that it was even suggested that Lopez drop out of the tour altogether — something she’s not willing to do.

Then there was the disastrous Met Gala earlier this month. On a night that should have been her crowning achievement – ​​where, after decades, she returns to her hometown as co-chair of the biggest social and fashion event of the year… she was alone.

With Affleck nowhere in sight, Lopez slammed reporters on the red carpet and then headed home alone…before leaving for Paris.

(As for Lopez’s housing search in Los Angeles, I don’t put too much stock in it because Lopez owns several homes in the Los Angeles area, including a condo in Encino, a house in Malibu, and of course her house in Beverly Hills Plus over the years, she has amassed a real estate portfolio worth over $120 million – whether in the form of personal residences, investments or residences for members. from his family.)

Meanwhile, Affleck filmed “The Accountant 2” in Los Angeles, getting burned for his unfunny, expletive-riddled roast of Tom Brady and being questioned about his “gaunt” appearance.

Fun times, huh?

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But even though no one is talking to a divorce lawyer (yet), a friend of Affleck’s tells me he doesn’t see how the two will work out in the long run.

“They don’t really have much in common,” the friend told me. “He is much more discreet. He likes to hang out with the guys and is a homebody. She loves glamour, pomp and circumstance. He is a drug addict (Affleck has dealt with drug, alcohol and gambling problems in recent decades), she is sober and does not drink, do drugs or gamble.

And even though opposites attract, Lopez’s paean to their love may be a curse.

Representatives for the couple did not respond to emails.

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