Jenna Bush Hager Horrifies Hoda Kotb On ‘Today’ By Revealing How Her Family Celebrated April Fools’ Day: “What Is Wrong With You?” 

Today Host Jenna Bush Hager’s April Fool’s Day turned out to be way too eventful.

“You know what, I’ve been waiting for this day because my (first) April lasted a little too long,” she told her co-host, Hoda Kotb, at the top of Tuesday’s show (2 april).

Bush Hager went on to explain that his house had “a multitude of April Fools’ pranks coming from all directions.” Not only did she help her youngest child, four-year-old Hal, play a prank on her father, but her daughter, Mila, 10, wrapped his toilet in plastic.

“Exhibit B: I’m going to the bathroom, Mila wrapped my toilet in cellophane,” she said, sharing a photo of the toilet bowl wrapped in plastic.

“Have you fallen into the trap?” Kotb asked him.

“Uh, Henry did it,” Bush Hager replied, referring to her husband. “So I had to call him and say, ‘Now you have to clean a 45-year-old man’s toilet…'”

She paused and didn’t finish her sentence, which Kotb gracefully completed by suggesting the word “Peepee.”

But that wasn’t all. “It was just coming to me in every way,” Bush Hager continued. “Poppy’s toilet?” Envelope. Poppy – her vision isn’t as good! I said, ‘Mila, come in here and clean it.’

Jenna Bush Hager
Photo: Instagram/Jennabushhager/NBC

“Look at you playing tough mom on April Fools’ Day,” Kotb commented. “You’re like, ‘Get in here and clean it up now!’ » »

Although this turned out to be a rather complicated April Fool’s prank, Bush Hager was not completely innocent in all this.

She revealed to Kotb that she pranked her children by telling them that one of their cats was pregnant, which led the children to think they were going to have kittens. “What’s wrong with you?!” » asked Kotb, laughing.

“Okay, we need to do away with April Fools’ Day,” she told Bush Hager after finishing recapping her day.

“If you only knew how much work that is,” Bush Hager replied. “We created monsters that envelop their parents’ toilets. Either way, I’m glad it’s the second one.

Today with Hoda and Jenna airs weekdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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