Jean Castex wants to “preserve the richness of regional languages” – Brittany

As he had committed on May 25, the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, received the actors of the teaching of regional languages ​​(by videoconference) for a time of exchange, following the submission of the report of the Euzet deputies. and Kerlogot.

According to Matignon, “the Prime Minister has already had the opportunity to indicate the political will of the government to preserve the wealth that constitutes, within the framework of the unity of the Republic, the regional languages”. “After several months of concerns expressed by regional language stakeholders about the future of immersive education,” continues the entourage of the head of government, this meeting in an unprecedented format reflects the Prime Minister’s willingness to listen and consider regional language actors, in a calm, constructive state of mind and attentive to each other’s positions ”. Jean Castex wants “concrete work with the aim of securing the players in regional languages ​​and sharing with them the method for the rest of the work carried out”.

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