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January’s PS Plug games include some great overlooked gems

A new month is almost here, as well as a new year, and that means updates to the PlayStation Plus catalog. January kicks off 2024 with three new games available for Premium, Extra, and Essential members to download starting January 2, plus some freebies if you’re a space ninja.

This month in particular is great if you like third-person games. A tale of plague delivers satisfyingly beautiful stealth action, while Evil West is here to let you blast demonic bad guys. Also, don’t forget to pick up the December games (which include LEGO 2K Player, Pressure Washing SimulatorAnd Marten) before the start of the new month.

PS5 and PS4: Evil West

In our review of Evil West, KotakuZack Zwiezen of ‘s praised the third-person shooter as “a simple, honest-to-God, linear, fun fucking video game:”

There’s no way around this: Evil West It’s silly, but in a good way. Its narrative has a lot in common with the best B-movies and pulp stories of the past. Characters act more like people pretend to be people, only real humans. The dialogue is filled with swear words and exposition. It’s all cheesy and silly in a perfect way. Combined with the steampunk gadgets, monsters, and violence, it really feels like a grindhouse movie you might have watched on TV around 2 a.m. in the 90s on TNT.

Estimates from Howlongtobeat.com you can get out of it Evil WestThe story is in about 11 hours, or 19 if you want to go the completionist route.

Get more Evil Westthe developer of on PlayStation

Are you a PlayStation Plus Premium or Extra subscriber? You can download Flying Wild Hog FPS 2016 Shadow Warrior 2. You can also get its sequel, Shadow Warrior 3 on sale for just $14 until January 18. And if you’re in the mood for some side-scrolling samurai hack ‘n slash fun, Trek to Yomi is on sale for $8 until January 18.

PS5: A Plague Tale: Requiem

This sequel to 2019’s rat-infested third-person A Plague Tale: Innocence features gorgeous visuals and a beautiful score. It can be a little buggy from time to time, but if you like sneaking around in the dark and dodging rats, this one is worth downloading. On A Plague Tale: Requiem, ancient Kotaku writer Ashley Bardhan said:

The environment itself is a spectacle, a black and white biscuit sometimes lit by the burnt orange sun of the Mediterranean coast, sometimes speckled with flies as Amicia trudges around the game’s piles of corpses that are discarded, burned and forgotten. Requiem is also heavy on vibration feedback, and crouching among thick tresses of grass and the displaced glow of lavender always feels pleasant and tense.

A Plague Tale: Requiem features a 17 hour storywith almost 30 hours if you want to complete everything it has to offer.

Take the first Plague Tale on sale before January 6, 2023

Don’t like jumping into a sequel without having played the first game? Good news: A Plague Tale: Innocencewhich introduces us to Amicia and Hugo, is on sale until January 6 for only $12.

PS5 and PS4: Nobody saves the world

Nobody saves the world impressed us in 2022 with its satisfying grindy (yes, grindy as in a GOOD way) progression and fun combat. In our impressions, KotakuEthan Gach said:

If you enjoy filling meters and testing new and creative builds to efficiently clear enemy mobs, like me, this is a recipe for several long nights of fun. Drinkbox tried to keep boredom to a minimum by making new milestones come quickly and often. Dungeons that you may have to run through multiple times before taking down a larger boss subtly remix each time in a roguelite style so that they feel more like theme park rides than prisons.

Free Warframe thing!

Looking to spice up your Tenno’s wardrobe? THE Warframe: Syrinx Collection is a great way to add new cosmetics to your existing collection or a great way to get some variety if you’re new to this free sci-fi shooter. According to the official Sony blogYou can claim the following items on January 2:

  • Syrinx Chest Plate
  • Syrinx shoulder plates
  • Syrinx Leg Plates
  • Baza rifle
  • Cassowar Polearm
  • Storm Color Palette
  • Essential Basic Damage Mod Pack
  • Essential Critical Damage Mod Pack
  • 2x Orokin Catalysts
  • 170 Platinum
  • 7 Day Affinity Booster
  • 7 Day Credit Booster

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