Jacob Anderson Explains Those Dream Stats Finale Scenes

(Warning: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for Interview with the Vampire Season 2, Episode 4, “I Want You More Than Anything in the World.”)

The dream statistic no longer exists. Louis (Jacob Anderson) chases away Lestat’s (Sam Reid) hallucination in Interview with the Vampire Season 2, Episode 4. Anderson tells TV Insider that Louis has given himself the closure he’s needed since leaving New Orleans, but what happens immediately after is a worrying sign that Louis has “devolved ”, as the actor previously described to us before the start of the season. .

The best Dream-stat scenes of the season came in episode 4 when Louis is alone with his thoughts. Louis complains about his photography problems to Lestat, dressed in a brown suit, who is happy to hear Louis express himself over and over again, encouraging him to express his feelings with soft lines like “Tell me, My dear. After Louis and Claudia’s (Delaney Hayles) horrific fight, Lestat gives Louis an empathetic look and says, “The desert that is our daughter.”

Anderson says these were “really lovely scenes” shared with his co-star, ones he was relieved had been created. “I love Dream-stat,” Anderson says. “I was like, ‘Oh! I’m still going to work with Sam.” He notes Louis and Dream-stat’s final scene as remarkable.

“I really like the scene on the bench in episode 4 between them,” said the Game Of Thrones said an elder. In it, Louis breaks the news that it’s over for Dream-stat with as much love as possible. After dressing Lestat in outfits related to major moments in their relationship throughout Season 2 so far, Louis chooses his favorite Lestat costume, the brown ensemble, for this final moment. Dream-stat reveals that he had Louis’ initials embroidered in the ticket pocket of his jacket so that his name will always remain on his heart. Since it was Louis de Lestat’s memory, Louis must have known it. The choice of costume makes all the more sense with this in mind.

Anderson calls this Louis and Lestat’s closing moment. “The breakup is a conversation that never happened.” The actor adds that the tender Dream-stat scenes are what Louis and Lestat were like in their good times during their decades together, the side Louis didn’t let us see when telling Daniel his life story Molloy (Eric Bogosian).

Jacob Anderson Explains Those Dream Stats Finale Scenes

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“What I like about Dream-stat is that it’s the idealized version of Louis. “It’s the version of Lestat, or their relationship, that we never really saw in Season 1. It’s the quieter side of their relationship,” Anderson explains. “They’re dragging!” They are best friends. This is a narcissistic version of this because he is also a manifestation of Louis’ own feelings about things. But I think there’s also a pretty important element of friendship, of camaraderie. This is something Louis missed. Lestat saw it. Lestat probably knows him better than anyone.

Louis tells Armand (Assad Zaman) that he loves him in episode 4 and Armand reciprocates, and Louis has Claudia as family, and yet Louis feels a lack of real companionship in his life in Paris. Does Louis feel like there’s something missing in his relationship with Armand that wasn’t missing with Lestat? Anderson says, “Yeah.”

“I think Louis just can’t let go. He can’t abandon this side of him,” he says. “Her relationship with Lestat is so tied to her vampire existence. I’m not sure it will ever be a clean transition. »

As Armand learned during the Dubai interview in Episode 4, Lestat was a looming presence throughout the origins of their romance. “I find it funny that Louis and Armand never really have a moment alone, except when they meet,” Anderson shares with a laugh. “It’s eye-opening. I think Louis is worried about Armand. There’s something buzzing in the back of his mind.

This buzz could be due to a trust issue in Louis after decades of emotional turmoil with Lestat, but Anderson says Armand may not be trustworthy at the same time. Moving forward, viewers will see how Louis continues to be insecure about their relationship, even decades later in Dubai. This makes Armand extremely insecure. What’s stopping Louis from knowing what he wants for love? “I think about the same thing that always holds Louis back,” Anderson says, “which is himself.”

“It’s possible that he has reason to be suspicious or just feel like something is wrong,” Anderson continues with Armand. “I think he also entered into this relationship knowing that there was an edge to Armand, but he sort of chose to focus on his sides which were gentle and kind and seemingly the opposite of all the relationships he has had so far.

Louis’s difficulties connecting with the two great loves of his life are a sign of his inner turmoil, Anderson says. “Louis self-sabotages all the time because he’s not comfortable with who he really is. I think being a vampire is actually what Louis was always meant to be,” he says. “It seems like there’s a connection between Louis’ vampiric nature and what he was before he became a vampire. . And that’s something he has a hard time accepting.”

“Her journey in Season 2 is really about reckoning with herself,” he continues. “Imagine going on a journey of self-discovery and discovering that you were the problem. What you discover is that you are in some way everything you don’t like in others. I think that’s a very difficult thing to discover about yourself, and that’s what he does.

Immediately after breaking up with Dream-stat, Louis takes the reins of his relationship with Armand by establishing a dom-sub relationship. In the episode’s AMC aftershow, Anderson says that Louis has sort of become the Lestat of this couple. Louis may have taken a step forward by saying goodbye to the fake Lestat, but did he learn anything from his presence?

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