‘Jackass’ star Bam Margera pleads guilty to disorderly conduct

Bam Margera, the former star of Donkeypleaded guilty Wednesday to two counts of disorderly conduct following an altercation at his home near Philadelphia.

The plea was made just before his trial began. He will spend six months on probation for the charges and will be subject to random drug testing.

Margera, 44, was accused of assaulting his brother and threatening other members of his family. The incidents took place during a two-week visit last year.

At a hearing last year, Margera told the judge he was receiving treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

Jess Margera called her brother “a good guy when he didn’t screw up.” He said his brother stayed awake for days while he was at home and then got into an argument with his brother. Jess Margera suffered a ruptured eardrum, while Margera’s girlfriend called police when he kicked in her bedroom door, the brother testified.

Defense attorney William J. Brennan said Margera pleaded guilty to two summary offenses and is now clean and sober.

“You can really say he won his case before today just by changing his life,” Brennan said Wednesday.

Margera admitted his prior condition outside the courthouse.

“I needed that to realize that I would continue to drink and find myself in situations that were really not good,” Margera said.

August 1 will mark his first anniversary of sobriety, he added.

“Now that I’ve spent so much time, I don’t want to go back to that lifestyle,” he said.

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