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‘It hasn’t healed properly’ – Tyson Fury warned cut will re-open against Oleksandr Usyk by veteran cutwoman

Veteran cutwoman Sammy Morris believes the gash under Tyson Fury’s right eye will plague him for the rest of his career.

“The Gypsy King” had 11 stitches just below his eyebrow after being hit by an elbow during a fight ahead of the originally proposed February 17 date for his undisputed clash with Oleksandr Usyk.


Fury’s fight with Usyk delayed after he was interrupted during the fightCredit: Queensberry

Due to the severity of the cut, organizers had no choice but to push back the four-belt shootout to May 18 to allow enough time for Fury’s eye to heal.

However, Morris, who has worked as a cutwoman in bare-knuckle boxing, MMA and gloved boxing for over a decade, believes the laceration is very likely to reopen as it is a “double site injury “.

Fury previously suffered two cuts in the same area during his bloody fight with Otto Wallin in 2019.

“If he did that five years ago (against Otto Wallin) and the wound reopened five years later in the exact same place, then it didn’t heal properly and now it’s about a double injury,” Morris told talkSPORT.com.

“It was cut and cut again in the same place. It just shows that after five years it has not recovered.

“Even coming back after 100 days, which is the basic recommendation for fighting again after a cut is supposedly healed, he runs the risk of reopening it against Usyk.”

Asked if this would be an issue that could affect Fury for the rest of his career, Morris replied: “Yes. You would have thought after five years he wouldn’t come back open, but that’s obviously the case .

“As you age, your skin loses its elasticity and the collagen it contains, so it becomes much easier to cut yourself.

Fury suffered two cuts in the same area against Wallin in 2019


Fury suffered two cuts in the same area against Wallin in 2019
Morris (pictured, left) fears Fury's cup could reopen against Usyk


Morris (pictured, left) fears Fury’s cup could reopen against UsykCredit: Tee Reskah

“Fury is 35 now and it will take him almost twice as long to heal as he did at 20.

“So that will cause him problems and I personally think that will come to light in his next fight.

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“And as a fighter, he’ll be very aware of that. Hopefully he doesn’t panic too much and protects his eyes because the first thing Usyk is going to want to do is go out and shoot that eye…

“Fury usually wears his hands low and showsboats. I don’t think we’ll see any of that.

“I think he will have a very tight guard because he has to protect that eye at all times.”


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