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Intel’s new Thunderbolt Share enables file and screen sharing without impacting network performance

Intel on Wednesday unveiled Thunderbolt Share with which it promises to streamline screen and file sharing between two PCs. Tom’s equipment: Thunderbolt Share will allow PC owners to connect their two computers with a wired connection that leverages Thunderbolt’s speed (40 Gbps or faster), low latency, and built-in security. It allows PC-to-PC access that shares screen, keyboard, mouse and storage. The software also allows for folder synchronization or easy drag-and-drop transfer of files between computers. (…)

Thunderbolt Share also allows uncompressed screen sharing between two PCs in the original resolution of the source computer. It also claims low latency for a smooth and responsive experience that includes screen, keyboard and mouse with Full HD screen mirroring at up to 60 frames per second (fps). Higher resolutions might result in fewer frames per second, but Ziller said it would still be a “great experience.”

News Source : slashdot.org
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