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Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) pulls back despite new USB development

Back when I was younger and a little less technically savvy, I wondered why you couldn’t just plug a computer into another computer via a USB connection and share files, treating a computer like a large USB stick. Others must have wondered the same thing, because chipmaker Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) recently deployed such a development. Investors weren’t exactly happy about it, however, and sent shares down slightly in Wednesday afternoon trading.

While the idea has actually been possible for a while now (the j5 Create has allowed such a notion since 2011, and others used Ethernet switches or wireless routers to get the job done before that), the new Thunderbolt Share from Intel promises to accelerate the idea even further. Thunderbolt Share is a new application developed entirely by Intel, which will be accompanied by new hardware.

Simply take two Thunderbolt 4 or 5 computers and connect them using a Thunderbolt cable. From there, file transfer is fast and seamless, and data can even be synced. Even those with only USB 4 connections can get in on the action, although Intel doesn’t support such a move.

Is Intel a Buy, Hold or Sell?

As for Wall Street, analysts have a Hold consensus rating on INTC stock based on four Buys, 24 Holds, and four Sells assigned over the past three months, as shown in the chart below. After a 7.7% rise in its stock price over the past year, INTC’s average price target of $38.96 per share implies 25.35% upside potential.


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