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Several figures of the movement have criticized the lack of internal democracy after the presentation of a new “coordination” headed by Manuel Bompard. Without denying the disagreements, the latter calls for washing his dirty linen with the family.

The deputies of insubordinate France (LFI) Clémentine Autain and François Ruffin, excluded from the “new coordination” of the movement led by the deputy of Marseille Manuel Bompard, sharply criticized on December 11 the functioning of the movement, evoking respectively the “withdrawal” and the “shrinkage” at its head. For its part, the new leadership asserts a need for renewal of the movement, and calls not to dialogue through the media.

Clémentine Autain and François Ruffin step up to the plate

“The withdrawal and the locking were assumed in a brutal way”, denounced the deputy of Seine-Saint-Denis in an interview published in “one” of Release, accusing the management of having been “chosen by co-optation, which favors courtiers and helps to silence criticism”. Deploring the “marginalization of those who have a different voice from the current ruling core”, she does not see “how one can carry the Sixth Republic and assume such a functioning”. “We must democratize LFI: a force with a majority vocation cannot be a monolithic block”, adds the deputy, who had already pleaded during the summer for an overhaul of the functioning of the movement. Clémentine Autain also scratched, explicitly targeting Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the form of LFI’s public interventions, speaking of a “permanent crash which sometimes reaches Godwin points”.

These declarations in one of the daily newspaper strongly displeased Jean-Luc Mélenchon: “All the one to dirty us”, he reacted on the Facebook page of the elected official of Seine-Saint-Denis.

“I am a little sad that rather than an enlargement, we have a shrinkage”, for his part lamented on LCI François Ruffin, elected representative of the Somme, seeing it as the “consensus of a small group which set out to ‘agreement with himself’. “It’s half the team that stays in the locker room,” he imagined, explaining that he himself was placed “on the sidelines”.

In addition to these two deputies, who began to discuss in various interviews the presidential election of 2027 and the succession of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, many voices within LFI criticized the functioning of the organization on the occasion of “the “Representative Assembly” meeting in Paris on December 10, after which the new “coordination” led by Manuel Bompard was presented.

Several leading elected officials of the movement, including Clémentine Autain and François Ruffin, but also Alexis Corbière and Eric Coquerel, would not have been invited to the event. Eric Coquerel thus affirmed with AFP “to discover” the appointment of Manuel Bompard at the head of the movement, even if he considered it “natural”, welcoming the organizational talents of the elected representative of Marseille. “It would be desirable for the whole nuance of the movement to be represented in the direction”, pleaded the elected representative of Seine-Saint-Denis, more moderate in his remarks than Clémentine Autain who had castigated a message “likely to weaken the gathering” that she calls for. “I was not aware of anything, no info, no phone call”, also plagued a “pillar” of the parliamentary group quoted by AFP.

Mélenchon and Bompard defend the renewal of management bodies

LFI’s new leadership has 21 members and was presented as the result of a “renewal” effort by Rhône deputy Gabriel Amard. It should be assisted by a broader “political council”, which would make it possible to discuss strategy, and which would be composed of elected officials, personalities and rebellious executives. This body without a leader and with an advisory function was not planned until very recently, testified to AFP several deputies, who learned of its existence this week.

A rich man’s problem

Manuel Bompard, for his part, promised internal reforms in order to “change the nature of the movement”, by improving coordination between the local action groups (base units of LFI), by giving more latitude to local activists or even by creating a “school for executives”. While the other Nupes parties have already held or are holding their congresses, Manuel Bompard indicated that he preferred “consensus” rather than elections to avoid “confrontation between a majority and minorities”.

He again recalled on December 12 on France Inter that LFI was not a “traditional political party”. “We have forms of designating management that are not the same as the others, that does not mean that they are less collective,” he argued.

He also felt that this renewal would make it possible to “open up” the movement further by highlighting figures who had “very recently” joined LFI.

“That some people who wanted to be members of this operational management were not, […] it’s a problem of the rich”, also tackled Manuel Bompard by highlighting the good electoral results of the movement, and by ensuring not to tell “anyone to shut up”. “If we can avoid spreading these discussions in the public square, it’s better,” he added, however.

On his blog, Jean-Luc Mélenchon had commented on the renewal of the governing bodies, refuting any “favor of the prince” in the process and recommended “agreement” in the face of “the rising dangers”. Affirming that the new coordination has “nothing to do” with a classic political office, he also criticized the speaking out which makes “common life impossible through press confidences”, and highlighted the fact that “the form of life of the Insoumis movement is in permanent evolution”. The former presidential candidate also announced that he was going to co-direct, with the deputy Clémence Guetté, the La Boétie Institute, the circle of reflection of the rebellious, while integrating the famous “coordination” of the movement.


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