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Inside Tom Cruise’s relationship with children Isabella, Connor and Suri

Tom and Nicole adopted their eldest, Isabellewhen she was born on December 22, 1992.

It’s true he was “scared to death” the first time he changed a diaper, Tom said VF in 1994, he and Nicole “talked about kids from time to time, but there was always work. But then we wondered, ‘When will it be the right time?’ This is how the conversation began. You’re in bed.” at night and you’re trying to sleep, so you turn over and you’re like, What would happen if we had this in our life?… One of the things that Nic and I talk about, is that now, suddenly, we are a family“.

Nicole said they definitely plan to have more children, whether through birth or adoption, preferably both.

“Isabella was made for us,” she told the magazine. “I think when things happen in your life at a certain point, you have to accept them. It’s destiny.”

She then revealed to VF in 2007, they decided to adopt after a pregnancy loss. “As soon as Tom and I got married, I wanted to have babies,” she said. “And we lost a baby very early, so that was really, really traumatic. And that’s when we adopted Bella.”

“There’s a complicated context to this,” she added, “given that I never talk much about a lot of things. One day, maybe this story will be told.”


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