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India’s Modi targets neighbors at UN, but no name

NEW YORK (AP) – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not directly mention Pakistan or China in his speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Saturday, but the goals of his speech were clear.

He called on the international community to help the women, children and minorities of Afghanistan and said it was imperative that the country not be used as a base from which to sow terror.

“We must also be vigilant and ensure that no country tries to take advantage of the difficult situation there and use it as a tool for its own selfish interests,” he said, apparently referring to in Pakistan, neighboring Afghanistan and India.

Modi also stressed what he called the need to protect the oceans from “the race to expand and exclude”. India and China have long competed for influence in the Indian Ocean.

In the wake of waves of coronavirus outbreaks that have ravaged India, Modi made no mention of the death toll in his own country. But he reaffirmed last week’s announcement that India would resume exporting vaccines next month.

“Deeply aware of its responsibility to humanity, India has resumed the process of delivering vaccines to those in need around the world,” Modi said, also inviting vaccine manufacturers to come to India.

Modi said it was up to the United Nations itself to strengthen its own effectiveness and enhance its credibility.

“Today all kinds of questions have been raised about the UN,” he said. “We have seen such questions arise related to the climate crisis. And we have also seen that during COVID, the ongoing proxy war in many parts of the world, terrorism and the recent Afghan crisis further underscored the seriousness of these issues. “

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